DOOM Closed Alpha Multiplayer Gameplay

We haven’t talked about DOOM since we showed you the E3 gameplay trailer back in June. Well they just released a new video showing the multiplayer gameplay and it just looks amazing! Check out the video in its entirety below.

The video show closed Alpha gameplay footage and from what it looks like the game is coming along great. The closed Alpha is one a single map called Heatwave. This industrial-themed map will place players in an arena setting featuring plenty of armor, ammo, and health pickups. Narrow corridors, walkways and small chambers all link to a central, open area of the map, providing players with a variety of environments that suit varying playstyles, as well as the focus point for fighting over key power-ups.

The Closed Alpha will feature a limited arsenal of weapons and items featured in the complete game. They can be used both in standard and customizable loadouts.

– Vortex Rifle
– Super Shotgun
– Repeater
– Rocket Launcher
– Static Cannon
– Plasma Rifle

– Personal Teleporter
– Frag Grenade

So are you excited for the DOOM or what?

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