Download YouTube Videos with the Best Converter

YouTube is one of the most popular and easy-to-use video hosting sites in the world. Every day, millions of people go to the site to watch a music clip, interview, video blog of a beloved blogger, or find some useful information. When watching a video, you may understand that you want to download it to a computer to re-watch it in an offline mode or show it to someone. This is where you may be stuck with the question of how to do the video download. So where is that button that initiates the content download? How to make sure that the video is saved on your personal computer or smartphone? Let’s find an answer together.

The Art of Downloading Videos from YouTube

It is not an easy thing to download a video from YouTube. And we are not trying to justify you. Google, as the owner of both YouTube and Android, is actively struggling with the “rocking chairs.” There are obvious reasons explaining their actions — the company doesn’t want to lose revenue from your watching your favorite videos with multiple adds. We tell you how a modern YouTube to MP4 Converter can help you, what functions should it be able to perform, and how to use it effectively.

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#1 Go Ahead with the Appropriate Program

Here is what a good converter should be able to do:

  • Support all widely used file formats for import;
  • Convert videos quickly;
  • Work correctly — do not damage files when processing long videos.

DVDVideoSoft supports a lot of different video formats and resolutions regardless of the device it is used on. The solution correctly interacts with all popular codecs and performs all its functions quickly and clearly.

#2 Choose the Correct Format for the Export File

MP4, AVI, SD, HD, 4K — the meaning of these abbreviations is not clear to everyone. Picking a wrong format may cause a lot of problems: videos look awful, take a lot of space, or cannot be played on certain devices. Do not want this to happen? Check the features of every format before picking the one.

By the way, DVDVideoSoft converts files to MP4, AVI, and other widely used formats. The app works with any issues or permissions.

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#3 Convert Video Without Quality Loss

Some converters seem to work perfectly: they support all the necessary formats, work quickly, and do not charge sky-high prices. But the file you download is clearly inferior to the source in its quality. This is not what should happen. DVDVideoSoft will help you download any video without any harm to the picture quality.

#4 Convert Many Files at Once

Just imagine the situation that you want to convert the big video library and not just one video clip. Even if these files are small and their processing takes a couple of seconds, the drag-and-drop operation for hundreds of files can drive you crazy. With DVDVideoSoft, everything is a way easier and faster — you can work with an unlimited number of files, choose the right format, and let the app do the rest.

If you do not have time to search for a dedicated program to do the YouTube video download for you, then you know what app can make your life easier and will cope with the task well.