Dragonflight: Everything We Know So Far About the New Expansion

World of Warcraft is little less than a phenomenon. Since it exploded onto the scene, it has spawned a movie, and millions of people have played it. It has turned many new players on to fantasy-style epic gameplay who were never interested in the genre before.

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Lately, the WoW community has been abuzz with talk about Dragonflight, the new expansion that was released to the public back in November of last year. Let’s talk for a few moments about what we know so far.

The Basics

Dragonflight is the ninth expansion to the WoW universe. These expansions have dropped every couple of years, building on the existing WoW ecosystem. They introduce new characters, scenarios, weapons, monsters, etc. They’re a way of keeping the game fresh for newbies and seasoned players alike. Dragonflight is mainly focused on one particular aspect of the game, which is the Legendary Dragons part of it. The Dragons are trying to rekindle their lost power. This has been mentioned or hinted at in other expansions, but it is talked about more explicitly in Dragonflight.Azeroth is the world in which WoW takes place, and the dragons are the world’s caretakers and stewards. As such, they are widely considered to be wise and benevolent but quick to anger in some scenarios. Part of what’s so fascinating about Dragonflight is that in addition to getting a whole new story arc, we’re also learning more about these enigmatic beasts.

Must You Have Shadowlands if You Want to Play Dragonflight?

Any fan of MMORPGs will know that if you want to play certain expansion packs, you must have base elements that came out prior to each new release. That is the case with Dragonflight. If you want to buy and play it, you must first have Shadowlands.Even if you haven’t played Shadowlands yet, you need it for Dragonflight. You might be a little lost in the story if you skipped Shadowlands as well since these two stories are interconnected.

Will Dragonflight Be the Final WoW Expansion?

There has also been some talk about Dragonflight possibly being the last WoW expansion. Some gamers feel that the universe and the stories being told there have run their course, though the whole enterprise will seem new and exciting to someone who is only now discovering it.It does not seem likely that Dragonflight will effectively conclude the whole WoW saga. In short, Dragonflight might be an expansion, but it is not a massive one.Though the game’s creative team is famously tightlipped about what is coming up next, they would probably have given their dedicated players a much bigger expansion if they truly planned to conclude the series.Blizzard is known to have some additional projects in the works that could see the light of day over the next couple of years, but WoW is still a tentpole property for them. As long as the engagement numbers stay up and the franchise remains popular, expect additional expansions in the years to come.

Does the Base Game Come with Dragonflight?Many new players who are entering the series with the coming of the Dragonflight expansion have the same question: do you get the base game when you buy it? The answer is yes. You get the WoW base game with Dragonflight, and you also get the Tangled Dreamweaver Flying Mount.That’s not all, though. With the expansion, you also get the Murkastrasza pet, and you even get instant access to the Dragonflight-Level Character Boost. You get a Level 60 Boost, which is significant. This is everything you need to tackle the series of adventures you’ll face in the Dragon Isles, where the main gameplay of the story occurs.

What Can You Expect if You Buy the Game?

If you get your hands on Dragonflight and try it out, you’ll notice a few things immediately.The first is that you get a new flying-based system of movement when you play as one of the Dracthyr Evokers. The second is that there are extensive talent and profession revamps.You will also see five new zones that you can explore. The new landmass, the Dragon Isles, has distinct zones distinguishable by their features and topography. You can play as the new Evoker class while also testing out the talent tree rework. The Collector’s Edition, if you’re willing to pay the higher price tag, comes with even more. You get everything that comes in the Epic Edition, but you also get the Art of Dragonflight exclusive book. It talks about the best ways to master your mount as you battle and explore aboard your winged reptilian steed.You can also enjoy a set of five exclusive pins. Each one is a sigil of a different dragon mount. You can stick them on a jacket, a bookbag, or wherever else you need a dash of color. You get an Alexstrasza mousepad as well.

What is the Story that You Need to Know?

You do not need to know every aspect of WoW to enjoy the story that this expansion introduces, but it’s good if you at least have some basics to draw on. The Dragon Isles were regarded for centuries as the centerpiece of the dragon kingdom. This was when the WoW was young and mortal races were striking out to develop and populate their own domains.Eventually, the Burning Legion attacked Azeroth. These are the events that led into the Great Sundering, which you probably already know about if you’re at all familiar with WoW lore. This drained much of the power and magic from the isles, which is where you come into the story.The dragons left their ancestral homeland behind, seemingly forever. They scattered to the four winds. They left watchers on the isles whose job it was to stand guard. These guardians waited until the signs and portents signaled it was time for the dragons to return and reclaim their own.The elemental energy that the dragons need is reemerging, and that kicks off the events in Dragonflight. It is time for the remaining dragons to return to the Isles and reclaim what was taken from them. Many enemies are trying to prevent them from doing that, though.

The Dragonflight Zones the Game Introduces

The five Dragonflight zones are each thrillingly rendered and just waiting for you to explore on dragonback and on foot. You can check out Waking Shores, where the Red Dragonflight is to be found. Throughout these rolling hills, you can encounter the other champions of Azeroth, who have been called back to help recapture the Obsidian Citadel.The Forbidden Reach beckons as well. Located close to the Dragon Isles, this is the training ground for the Dracthyr, the Earth-Warder’s ultimate soldiers. The island has lain dormant for years, but now, it begins to stir with activity.The Valdrakken is the main hub of Dragonflight, and it’s where a lot of the exposition will take place. The Blue Dragonflight libraries can be found there. You must count on their wisdom to help you as you try to reclaim the isles for the benevolent dragons.Thaldraszus is basically the seat of power for the Dragon Aspects and their various flights. The Bronze Dragonflight can be found there. The Azure Span is where you’ll find the Blue Dragonflight and its magical archives. This is a forest realm with towering ice spires rising high above it.

The Ohn’ahran Plains are grasslands where centaur tribes can be found. The centaurs have an ongoing agreement with the Green Dragonflight. At the time you arrive and start exploring, the Green Dragonflight faces an uncertain fate because of the death of Ysera that took place during the events chronicled during the Legion campaign.

The Bottom Line

The dragons and the creatures that hope for their return and plot against it tell a complex story that you’ll begin to learn as you master new skills and tackle various challenges. Longtime WoW players should find their thirst for new quests and materials slaked by this expansion.What’s particularly impressive is how easily you can join in the action and pick up the basic gameplay if you’re a relative WoW newbie. Maybe you won’t know the whole mythology that has grown out of the original game, but you really don’t need to. It might enhance your enjoyment to some extent, but you can just as easily jump into Dragonflight as a stand-alone adventure. There’s plenty to like about this expansion. You’ll get challenging gameplay, thrilling visual elements, a well-crafted story, and new characters you’ll end up falling in love with as you play alongside them or against them.