EA Launches New Cloud-Based Gaming Service

This one’s for all you gaming lovers out there. Earlier this month, Ken Moss, CTO of Electronic Arts announced that EA would officially go into beta testing for it’s new, cloud-based service. After last year’s announcement about Project Atlas, gamers across the world were waiting patiently to see this visionary project come to life and now, as the project wrapped up, we hope that EA got the insights they needed and that the users were happy with this first round of what can be considered the future of gaming.

We spoke with gaming expert Christopher Castrejon, a native of Mexico’s Silicon Valley, Guadalajara and spokesperson from monederosmart.com about the test launch and he was really excited about this milestone achievement. “This is a very exciting milestone, not just for EA, and the US gaming market, but for gamers across the globe” he said “I’m looking forward to seeing what modifications will come once they’ve analyzed all the feedback and we see another round of testing” he continued.

What Games Were Available?

4 games were eligible for the trial; Fifa 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Unravel and Titanfall and were focusing on how the service would respond to real-world issues such as connectivity causing latency and jitter.

Who Could Test It?

The testing was open for registration for just two weeks to anyone who had an EA origin account. You simply had to register and then hoped you got picked for the trial. Moss said in his statement pre-launch that this first round of beta testing was mainly focused on PC users, however they were selecting some people playing on other devices to take part too, so they could see how the service performed across multiple platforms.

Consoles Could Have Access to Cloud-Based Gaming Too

Additionally, a couple of days ago, a contributor at GoNintendo had been given access the post-trial survey, and it seems that the participants of the beta testing were asked what devices they would most want to play their cloud-based games on. In addition to the obvious options such as Mac, tablets, and smartphones, the Nintendo Switch was featured as an option on there, so they could very seriously be considering opening up their cloud-based services to consoles too. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re seeking out Switch users for their next round of testing.

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When Will the Next Test Be?

At the time of writing, we’re not 100% sure when the next round of testing could be expected. They have to go through all the data of the last two weeks, make modifications, especially if there were some serious issues, and then do another trial phase. It would be good to see if they can get something out to us before the end of the year. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the topic.

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