ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review

The Kit Exposed
The way that ECS packed all the parts is very logical. For pure efficiency and cost effectiveness they used just the right protection for every part individually. The ABS Plastic box is covered with a thin see through bag while the BAT-Mini motherboard is surrounded by bag insulation and shock proofed. Here is a picture of what I mean and you will see.

LIVA Mini Pc Kit Open Box

First thing you find in the kit is the Install DVD which should be on an 8 GB cheapo flash drive since not everyone has a portable DVD drive. I never opened it or used it during the install so don’t worry about this. You really don’t need it for it works great.

Liva Mini PC Install Utility Disk

The kit also comes with obligatory USERS MANUAL that will help you with the workings of the machine and help you to understand your new LIVA MINI PC KIT better.


One of the most useful parts of the kit was this small single fold Quick Install Guide. It is very efficient as well and you will use this when you are building your kit.

LIVA mini pc kit Quick installation

As we unpack each piece we find the parts transported perfectly. Except for the small amount of white paper dust from the box the shipped parts are immaculate.

LIVA Mini PC Kit Case front

The two sides of the case are intelligently thought out and really nice looking to eyes. But also work very good in the build too as you will see later.

Liva mini Pc Case back

The motherboard is a new style called the BAT-Mini Form Factor. You will be seeing more of these as the Manufacturers are going this way to help increase sales to basic computer users. Here is the back and front of the motherboard so you can have a look for yourself.

BAT form factor board

The wireless system that comes with the project will hide from you. It is packed in a little anti static bag inside with the power supply. I thought I didn’t get that part until I unpacked everything. The little M.2 device is about the size of a large postage stamp so its easy to overlook. The wires are tucked at the very bottom of the box to keep them from getting tangled with other things or get damaged during shipping.

LIVA Wireless tools

Finally the power supply is not without its surprises too since it uses a Phone or tablet shaped plug for the primary power plug. It is the Mini B USB connector and I added the specs for you to help you in the future if you need to see it.


As an added bonus of the power supply it is dual voltage capable and easily can be converted to EU Plug to American just by the press of a button and a slide out and slide on motion. It’s made to handle both 220/110VAC power outlets and 50/60Hz.

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