ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review

Hooking up the Kit
These are the Computer Accessories that I used to complete the full build. I will go over them step by step to let you see how I did mine.

Parts that we needed to complete the kit and working build.
First I used a cheap DYNEX USB 2.0 hub. You need to transfer your copy of Windows 8.1 onto a flash drive. I used this free software tool directly from Microsoft to do that. For my USB drive I used the ADATA UV150 / 32 GB Flash Drive. You will need to plug in a keyboard and mouse too, you can see why I had to use the USB 2.0 hub. for sound, I plugged in My JBL/Harmon Kardon 2.0 portable computer speakers I had from an old Compaq computer I had. Last but not least I hooked up my Samsung SA300 21 inch Monitor using the VGA connection.

The final Set up looked like this. I did not attempt to hide anything for obvious reasons but left it all out to see the set up.

Final Set up

Now you should be at this phase of the build. First make sure you have everything plugged in right including the Power supply tablet mini USB plug.

Liva Mini PC Kit Install Step 1 - Copy

Plug the rest of your support accessories in before powering up including your Windows install Flash drive into the USB 3.0 port.

Liva Mini PC Kit Final Hook up

Now is the time to press the power button. This is the Screen you should see first.

first window scene

This will be the way that The LIVA MINI PC partitions the eMMC SanDisk 32/64 GB during install.

Liva drive partitioning

Now just let the LIVA Mini PC install the Window 8.1 OS at its paces and it will find the drivers for most of the devices hooked into the computer.

After Install you want to go online and install the latest drivers from the ECS website. Once all the updates and drivers have been installed you will be amazed at what you got for your money.

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