ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review

Something we need to remember before we go any further. This computer can run off a power pack from your cell phone. It does what it was designed to do. It will do online social media well, do Netflix well, and handle all MS Office jobs fine. If you want to completely replace your desktop you are still going to have to wait a while. This is new technology and it still has some things to work out but overall, I was impressed with it. After I downloaded all the properly updated drivers from the ECS website the little box ran flawlessly. So remember that when you see my test results because it’s a good little machine and worth the money you pay for it. I love to play with it and it’s a wonderful econo-box for face booking and doing school work.

I highly recommend this device for many of the following solutions:
• Great for communications in a storm if you needed to get online with battery power through a LAN Connection.
• Great for school work.
• Great for social media and Netflix.
• Great for people that work from a server or work at home on a budget.

Now for the test results.

I have to remind the reader that I installed a full version of Microsoft Office on here with the Windows 8.1 Pro OS and it still had 28% space left on the 32 GB eMMC drive. Office worked great with no problems. Windows worked effortlessly and downloading drivers and other testing software went very fast. Installing large programs that are more than 1GB of data can take longer than usual but not terrible.

1. First Heat is an issue since this computer uses what we call passive cooling. Simply meant, it is cooled by a very big heat sink that has no fans. This makes the unit completely silent but the processor does get warm. But the box stays cool so no need to worry about an overheating issue since it takes a lot to make the processor this hot. It usually runs at normal operating temps or 39 to 52 degrees C under normal full day of being on and working with it.

2. The Benchmarks
We used 3DMark that now has different levels for different type of computing, from The tablet to the enthusiast gamer. We used the first two, Ice Storm and Cloud Gate to test this BAT-Mini self contained computer.

3DMark – Ice Storm

Liva Ice Storm Score 2

3DMark – Cloud Gate
liva Cloud Gate Score

liva Cloud Gate Score Rating

C. CPU-Z Readings
I can’t stress it enough that the ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit is amazingly quiet. But I have a few other things to show you. Here is the CPU-Z and the CPU-Z Temp monitor tiles from the testing.

Liva stats

D. ATTO Test for the 32GB eMMC Memory
LIVA ATTO benchmark.PNG

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