Editing travel videos with VideoProc for YouTube

There are a few apps that currently dominate the world sharing content, especially media. Take a look at YouTube, a heaven for influencers, Instagram for brand value increase and WhatsApp for bringing people closer. The trendiest, long-lasting and successful one amongst these would be YouTube, with 2 billion monthly users.

It is true, you want to share a video with the world, upload it on YouTube. You want to find any video clip, search on YouTube or if you want to go viral, the video has to go as an upload on YouTube. However, one problem does arise, what if a video struggles to get uploaded? Yes, this is possible, especially with some of the best kinds of videos, 4K versions.

Now, many travel bloggers and artists use GoPro and have their documented the travel video in 4K formats. 4K videos are actually 4 times bigger than standard 1080p videos. This makes them difficult to upload, time taking to transfer and hard to share. However, that should not stop anyone from posting useful, fun and beautiful clips on the platform. Considering the number of videos, the time constraints and storage barriers, one could only wish to have some other way to show their travel memories to the world without compromising on quality.

You might be wondering, what is the issue with 4K videos and the connection to an upload on YouTube:

  • Like mentioned, 4K videos have a huge size constraint and usually can take more than 4 hours to get uploaded on YouTube
  • Even though a 4K video gets uploaded on YouTube after waiting for hours, the available quality is a 360p initially, hindering quality that you would not want the public to compromise on.
  • It can take days for the resolution to improve on YouTube and by then, the peak time to reach your viewers and subscribers slips away
  • YouTube does offer some relief by options to reduce frame size, however, that ruins the whole feel and uniqueness of a 4K video

However, before figuring out a possible solution or backup to ease the process of uploading your 4K video on YouTube, one should first understand the entire process of a YouTube upload:

  • Make sure you are signed into your YouTube account before upload
  • Click the video camera button available on the top right corner of the homepage
  • You can now select the ‘Upload Video’ option.
  • Now, all you need to do is select the file to upload from your computer and click publish.
  • However, after Publishing, the page has to remain open for the upload, which can take its own sweet time.

Now, looking at the current issue, you can always edit your videos to suit YouTube, be at the same level of majestic as the 4K video shot and still get easily uploaded on YouTube.

You can try the following basic editing demands:

  • A slight trim

Trimming a video can not only make it subtle and impactful but also easier to upload on YouTube. Trimming refers to removing unnecessary segments, cutting down on repeated content and allow your video to put its best food forward to the public even after being a 4K resolution one.

  • Look for a change

Changing the size of your 4K video using various editing tools like VideoProc, which do not reduce the quality and allow safe cropping of videos, can help you finish the last mile to upload your video on YouTube. Compress and edit to win the battle.

  • Format it right

Many a times, YouTube might not support some upload formats or later make the video unavailable to subscribers. It shows a pop up called ‘invalid file format’ and any number of retries will not work. Hence, use editing softwares to make your video valid and of a supported format like MPEG4 or HEVC.

Considering how editing becomes important for any valuable video that constituents of your ideas and time, especially for travel bloggers and influencers who are active on YouTube, VideoProc should be on your list of battle weapons to use as a 4K video editing software.

How to use VideoProc?

Step 1:Open the VideoProc website where you can go to the Video processing section by clicking ‘Video’. Upload your files by dragging or selection into the portal and make the magic happen. The file gets uploaded in a short span of time, allowing you to be efficient in your work. This is an added advantage as other editing platforms have a high upload time for any 4K or even 1080p videos.

Step 2:VideoProc provides a plethora of services like a full GPU acceleration that improves speed and provides optimum usage on the software. Other features include resizing, cropping, denoising, fixing, stabilizing, merging and video enhancement. All these are available on the screen, just one click away. Select whichever feature you want to work on and improve your 4K video for your pending YouTube upload.

Step 3:After editing the video and making it ready, For Formatting your video, which becomes crucial considering the requirements set by YouTube, VideoProc directly allows you to make your 4K video compatible with YouTube via an easy process. Just click on ‘Target format’ and select the ‘YouTube Video option’ after which you can go for ‘MP4 Video for YouTube’ and RUN the file.

Evidently, VideoProc can work well as per the needs of any user, ensuring a quick processor, easy media conversion and minimalistic quality difference.

Here’s a video for you to get a better insight:

As any influencer or YouTuber who wants to focus on content and sharing experiences with the world, it makes no sense to spend unnecessary time in editing videos when the focus should be on the core work of travelling and learning. Infact, with 4K videos that are shot on a GoPro, it makes sense to have unique and high-end content instead of a lower quality video being posted on social media. So, stay calm and edit away!

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