4 Reasons Why iPad Mockup Works in Presentations

Many careers have been saved by the mockup. It is just the easiest way to create a professional presentation. It is so easy to use and it looks very professional when the output is done. There are also so many websites to get free PSD mockup. User exchange website Ramotion, for example, provides amazing mockups that can be downloaded for free. There are different styles that can cater to different types of presentations: commissions, marketing and advertorial, among others.

This article makes a case for the iPad mockup. This type of mockup is the best canvas for digital products, whether you have created or designed a website, a mobile application, e-book, music cover, art, software and so much more. The iPad, in itself, is a wonderful Apple device that takes you in between a laptop and a smartphone. The iPad is convenient to bring around but it is not as heavy or bulky as the laptop and it is not as small as the iPhone.

Another great thing about the iPad is that it is an Apple device, which means it can work seamlessly with all your other Apple devices. So if you have work saved on your iMac or MacBook, even on your phone, you can still open them on your iPad. That is really the best thing about working with an Apple device. Another reason why Apple is such a great company to work with is that it is always working to make its products better. This is why a new iPhone lineup is released every year. Every now and then, the other devices are also upgraded. There are rumors that Apple is working on an iPad featuring Mini-LED displays.

The iPad has sold more than 428 million units globally since its inception in 2010. That means a lot of people are using it. And as Apple continues to introduce upgrades, there might come a time when people will shun the larger devices. Besides, iPad can work well with wireless keyboards. It is like a mini laptop on its own.

Here are four reasons why the iPad mockup will work in your favor:

1.    iPad mockup enriches your presentation

You can’t really present your digital product raw—it just isn’t professional. It is extremely important that you work with a mockup in order to make your digital product more engaging. There are free iPad mockup templates online and it is just a matter of finding the right one. A vector mockup can make a big difference in your presentation. Besides, it is so easy to work with. This is extremely important when you spent so much time perfecting your product and you are left with mulling the presentation at the last minute. You only need to browse through hundreds of mockup templates, download the PSD file, and drag and drop your design to the screen of the iPad. Make sure you find a high-resolution mockup.

For products where you just want to showcase your app, the clay mockup will do just that. It is minimalist and when downloaded from the right website, it is absolutely realistic. When you want to showcase your product in the real world, find an iPad Pro PSD mockup that puts the iPad in real-life environment.

2.     iPads are better for gaming

If you are creating a mobile game application, don’t you think a better screen would be better for players? When it comes to games, you want to showcase that you can play a mobile game anywhere: while the player is mobile—on a plane, bus, train or cab. Especially in places where traffic is terrible, people need to be entertained while commuting. But while the iPhone is enough to do just that, it has such a small screen. There is just a different kind of entertainment when you are using a bigger screen even if it is just the iPad Mini, the smallest one among the iPad lineup.

3.     Another perspective for a website

Perhaps the best way to showcase your website creation or design is through the iMac or MacBook because of the size of the screen. But the iPad is another way to showcase your product; it provides a different perspective. You can pull out any of the devices mockups to showcase size perspective.

Perhaps you want to showcase how your mobile website will look like, too. Then the iPad would be great for that purpose. You can pull up the dozens of mockups using iPad Airs as centerpiece. This is also the perfect size model for a tablet because it is not as small as the iPad Mini or as large as the iPad Pro.

4.     Perfect size for browsing

If you are creating a photo-based design like an e-commerce website, then the iPad is exactly the perfect canvas for such design. If you are buying something, you want to see the fine print; the iPad can help you do that. The iPhone is just too small. You can use the iPad and iPhones mockup to showcase the difference. Or you may just use the perspective mockup to demonstrate that whatever angle it is, it will look good on an iPad. Online shoppers would most definitely prefer to show on an iPad rather than an iPhone. So using an iPad mockup will showcase exactly how great online shopping is.

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