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International Game Technologies (IGT) is one of the largest providers in the gambling industry. Known for handling game terminals, sports betting, casino technology, and lotteries in multiple US states and European countries, IGT recently announced their direction for 2020 and beyond. Their plans include the use of AI, adaptive solutions, as well as developing a variety of multi-game pokie machine families.

The focus is on what’s called an OmniChannel Play Experience, which is about delivering experiences directly to consumers with a line of new hardware and software products.

IGT sets the standard of adaptive customer-oriented gaming

Casinos worldwide are adopting IGT’s technology to keep up with the latest trends in iGaming. Their systems include operations suites, marketing tech, slot and table management, accounting, as well as mobile solutions and hardware products. All of them are integrated and tracked within a single interface, able to create full casino tech suites together.

International Game Technology sets trends in the industry and establishes market dominance for creating  one of their biggest verticals. On this page with IGT slot machines there is a list to latest approaches the company uses for online market penetration. For instance, IGT free slot games are available to play with no download and no registration in almost any casino. Their USA Nevada licenses allow them to install machines such as Wolf Run, Texas Tea, Stinkin Rich, Paradise Garden, and others in Vegas casinos as well as online for PC and mobile.

IGT’s main innovations lie in analytics. Because technologies across all fields, from slots to table games, lotteries, and sports bets are so systemized, they can offer tailored experiences to players. Access to preferences of millions of people allows the tech to extrapolate someone’s interests and provide them games quickly they’re more likely to engage with, through devices and forms of media they enjoy the most.


The lottery sector is a main 2020 focus for the IGT corporation. They’ve been established on the lottery tech market since 1980 and created a list of solutions for the sector, such as:

Game Content. Licensed lottery games with more interactivity than the market average.

  • Biz Apps. Everyday lottery activities and performance tracking on the back-end side.
  • Touch-points. Wagering apps, self-service terminals, as well as engagement tracking.
  • Value chain optimization. Management technologies to support sales and retail.

All of this feeds into the main suite called Aurora – the center of the ecosystem, which incorporates an administration and management portal, game management, and transaction processing. OmniChannel, in this case, means distribution across all available devices, from physical machines to online casinos, mobile apps, touchpad terminals, and so on.

At NASPL 2019, IGT presented growth-driving lottery technologies expected to increase player convenience and expand the markets. They include turnkey promotions and a significant focus on sensory experiences – Augmented Reality, instant access, 3D, etc.

AI also has a role in this lottery push – IGT’s Play.AI solution can automatically process player statistics into actionable suggestions. AI applications are expected to:

Provide insights into player behavior. Patterns in user activity would be discovered by the AI, which can simplify the decision-making process for new products.

  • Improve security. Fraud protection can be handled by an AI analyzing common cheating/hacking patterns and simplifying the work of software engineers.
  • Enhance responsible gambling efforts. Problem gamblers could be identified with the help of an AI, making it easier to offer them support.
  • Process automation. An AI can track slips, ticket stocks, as well as handle other item management. Demand prediction makes it easier to solve supply chain problems.
  • After 15 days of game activity, IGT AI can predict future performance with a 97% accuracy. It makes development and marketing more efficient.

IGT aims to simplify both the creation of new lottery games as well as their ongoing management with these omnichannel solutions.


IGT is also one of the world’s largest slot machine developers. They create both hardware (cabinets) as well as the games themselves, installing them in physical casinos and their online counterparts.

Their machines were among the first on the market to introduce cashless payments. Instead of nickels, casino players can use credit cards and mobile payment options on IGT games. Additionally, many of their cabinets are Multi-Game, meaning players can select a slot they enjoy most and switch between titles on a single video terminal.

«Cardless Connect» and «Resort Wallet» technologies further turn smartphones into both loyalty cards and wallets. They’re integrated into slots and table games, enabling instant payments synchronized between many gaming sites.

Other innovations in IGT slot machines include:

  • Mystery Progressives. Jackpots and bonuses triggered by a «mystery event» that comes up during play.
  • Multi-level progressives. These are wins based on player achievement. Video Games inspire them – experience systems, win tiers, etc.
  • TRUE 3D. Use of autostereoscopic technologies and eye-tracking in slot cabinets, glasses-free 3D solutions.
  • Skill Gaming. Play-based on player ability rather than entirely random rewards. Introduction of arcade-like mechanics into slot machines.

igt 2

According to their latest report, skill gaming, in particular, is expected to gain favor with the Millennial generation. The introduction of the new Video Reel Edge family will bring games that allow players to gain control over their experience and win jackpots based on performance.

2020 will see a series of new slot games and cabinets that focus specifically on experimental, player-centric technologies.


Betting is a broadly defined industry and includes everything from sports to games of chance, real-world events, politics, etc. IGT has been particularly active in the world of sports bets, creating solutions in Europe, Latin America, and Asia for over ten years. Their platforms processed over $12 billion in sports wagers throughout 2018.

The main focus in 2020 and beyond lies in the aforementioned multi-channel approach. It incorporates both retail and online solutions into a single system, allowing them to make predictions and offer user-centric experiences.

IGT systems used for this are called PlaySports and CrystalBetting. Terminals are placed on casino floors and with licensed retailers, allowing for anonymous betting in multiple countries. They’re particularly popular in the US – are installed in 11 states and set up for local sports events.

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Additionally, the same systems are integrated with online casinos and bookmakers – offering the same options inside a similar interface on mobile and desktops. These technologies allow casinos to be more efficient in their marketing by providing real-time information about how bet-makers engage with sports events.

IGT’s OmniChannel approach allows access to a more extensive player base and new behavior data. It can be used to create new technologies, predict how much revenue a launch or event will bring, as well as tailor experiences directly to players most likely to enjoy them.

Their technologies span across retail and online gaming activities, using machine learning (AI) to collect and process information. It applies equally to lotteries, slot machines, table games, and betting activities. Integrated gaming allows for improved security and instantly accessible cashless play via physical terminals and smartphones.

The gambling technology market, in general, is expected to grow throughout the 2020s, as there is a need for new hardware and software solutions. The Millennial generation, in particular, refuses to pay any mind to non-interactive casino games – the latest IGT tech caters specifically to these «picky» players.

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