How to Promote Your Music on Spotify

With over 100 million passionate music fans around the world, Spotify is a great place to promote your music. Spotify promotion provides a dynamic platform for gathering attention of various people.

There are various tips to for efficiently using Spotify.

Join Spotify for Artists: Spotify for Artists puts you on top of things of your profile on Spotify. You can promote your music and therefore the music you’re into, share your story, update your images together with your latest looks, probe listener stats, and many more things. Thus, it is the first way to utilize Spotify promotion.

Submit a song to playlist editors: Have a new release coming up? Before the release, submit it to Spotify for Artists. Therefore, the song will then be entailed in a list which editorial team picks from for their playlist. Then you need to add it to your follower’s Release Radar playlist. Although it’s not possible to submit music that has already been released but it can be still discovered. The playlist editors are always looking out for the hottest and fresh talent. You can make sure you way on their radars by building your fan base and engaging with your audience on Spotify thus can optimize the fruits of Spotify promotion.

Build your followers: Always use social media to motivate your fans to attend you on Spotify. This notifies them when you circulate new music and when you’re in their area. Therefore, you will also be shown in the personalized categories of their app.

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Promote a new release or upcoming concert with tailored audio ads: Spotify Ad Studio allows you to create and manage audio campaigns in few minutes, with options for various sized budgets. Simply submit a script and pick a background track, and then they produce the ad complete with recorded voiceover.

Ways to get music on a Spotify playlist: There are all kinds of playlists on Spotify which will help you get your music liked by many music fans. It forms a backbone of Spotify promotion.

The three main types are:

  1. Personalized: Any new music you release is featured on your followers’ Release Radars. The more followers you get, the more playlists you’ll get on.
  2. Editorial: Carefully created by our music experts and specialists around the globe, these playlists come with the small Spotify logo within the top-left corner of the image. With Spotify for Artists, you’ll submit unreleased music considered for editorial playlists. The sooner you submit your music, the better.
  3. Listener: Playlist made by our users can deliver huge significance and capability to your music.

Submit music for playlist consideration: With Spotify for Artists, you’ll submit an upcoming, unreleased song for our team for consideration of editorial playlists. We’ll also add your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop: For this, you can use either of the ways to find and submit your unreleased music. At the top of the house tab, you need to select SUBMIT FROM NEXT RELEASE. Then in the Music tab, under UPCOMING, select SUBMIT A SONG next to the relevant release. Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info we get, the higher chance it’s. If your song doesn’t get picked right away, it may still be discovered later. You can make sure you stay on our editors’ radar by building your fanbase and engaging with your audience on Spotify (and beyond – through tours, festivals, and social media). It is a great way to do Spotify promotion.

Some things to keep in mind: Get your music ready earlier to give editors a chance to listen. If you see the status “Available Soon”, it means they are processing your release. It can take a few days until it’s available for pitching, so deliver it as early as possible. But submitting a song doesn’t guarantee a playlist placement, but gives it the best chance.

You can’t submit compilations: You can’t submit if you’re a featured artist on the song. The editors may choose to feature a different song from your release on their playlist. Anyone with Admin or Edit access to your profile or release can see and edit the submission.

Everyone can edit or change their submission for playlist consideration by making changes or updating your song submission right up to broadcast day. Keep one thing seriously in mind that there is no assurance that the editor will see your changes.

Licensing and captions can decide on to making a recommendation label-only which means they can edit it.

Apart from these tips you can always buy promotion from sources like Spotistar that have gotten great results for thousands of artists in the years they´ve been active.

Thus it was all about Spotify promotion which you can efficiently utilize to promote your song and can get a huge fan base.

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