Effective printed matter in addition to your online marketing activities

Some printing products are trendy and only temporarily popular. Brochures are printed matter that has never been ‘out’. You can reach a large audience with brochures. In addition, they are tangible, cannot be clicked away or blocked by an ad blocker. With an attractive design you make sure that your brochure does not end up in the trash. Would you also like to have a brochure printed (translation: brochure laten drukken)? We are happy to tell you what you can use brochures for.

For which applications can you use brochures?

Brochures consist of a multiple of at least four pages. These printed booklets can be used for many applications. You can use them as a product brochure, pricelist, catalog, housing guide, staff newsletter, magazine and so on. Do you have less than 4 pages to fill? Then you better choose a flyer or folder.

What do brochures look like?

The look of your brochure is up to you. This is possible because there are many options you can choose from when you have a brochure printed. For example, you can choose from various types of paper with different thicknesses. You can choose a different type of paper for the cover than for the inside. You can also choose a finish such as gloss laminate to give the cover an extra shine. In addition, you can determine the size and number of pages.

Multipurpose textile frames

In addition to brochures, you can use textile frames (translation: textielframe) as a marketing tool. A textile frame is an aluminum frame into which you can easily hang a tendon cloth. The cloth can be printed with a corporate identity or campaign print as desired. Textile frames can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. You can also order a free-standing frame. The advantage of textile frames is that you can replace the fabric in no time. So you can change prints every season or promotion. Textile frames are widely used in stores, offices and showrooms.

Another application where textile frames are used is as a partition wall. A dividing wall creates more privacy on for example a flexplace or open work floor. And if you do put up a wall in the office, you might as well have it printed with a nice house style print!

Which offline marketing tools do you already use?