EK Releases Classic Lineup Water Cooling Kits

EK-KIT Classic products are value-oriented, RGB liquid cooling kits with low noise emissions that offer efficient cooling of any mainstream Intel or AMD CPU on the market. Ready to be expanded with a GPU water block, some of the new kit models also open up the door for overclocking. Designed with case compatibility in mind, these kits are a great way to enter the world of custom liquid cooling with easy installation.

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They contain everything you need to assemble your first custom liquid cooling loop. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, missing something, being nervous about the right amount of fittings or tube length. The newly released Classic kits are available in four different setups – S240, S360, P240, P360. They vary by radiator size and thickness, as well as number of fans. The rest of the components are shared across all of the kits.

RGB Support
All of the key components in the kit are RGB lit and ready to sync with all popular RGB technologies from major motherboard manufacturers.

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These Classic kits come with a CPU block, pump-reservoir combo and fans are all RGB lit.

EK-KIT Classic RGB products bring the following components in the package:
EK-Supremacy Classic RGB – high-end, nickel-plated copper CPU water block for modern Intel and AMD processors. It features a classic, market-proven design that will perfectly fit the needs of core enthusiasts and demanding users as well. The tool-less mounting system makes the installation process a breeze even for beginners. The result is an easy installation which brings perfect performance every time. For AMD AM4 socket installation, the users will have to perform a mounting bracket swap which is included in the kit.

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EK-CoolStream Classic SE radiators come in S240 and S360 kits. These slim radiators offer excellent cooling capacity in the up to 30mm thick radiator class. Engineered to operate with EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans, these radiators are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across an entire fan operational range, thus delivering exceptional performance at both low and high airflow operation.

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EK-CoolStream Classic PE radiators come in P240 and P360 kits. These radiators are 45mm thick and apply lower fin density while allowing great cooling potential due to the increased thickness. Lower fin density allows for less fan noise, as they can be run on lower speeds. Built for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans, they are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across an entire fan operational range, thus delivering exceptional performance at both low and high airflow operation.

EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB (2200rpm) – high-static pressure RGB computer cooling fan, designed and built primarily for high-performance computer liquid cooling systems. Its high-quality Dual Ball bearing and the Start-Stop function ensures the lowest of noise emissions and a true 0db environment if your PC is not under load. Under the motor hub, there are total 9 LEDs making this the brightest RGB fan on the market, ensuring perfect light diffusion at broad daylight as well. The EK-Vardar is simply the best choice for computer radiator cooling as it provides unmatched performance throughout the entire operating range.

EK-XRES 140 SPC PWM Classic RGB is a value-oriented water cooling pump reservoir combo. It has been designed to lower the production costs and still offer premium hydraulic performance at its price. PWM control allows for automatic pump speed regulation depending on your CPU temperature. Full performance on demand or whisper-quiet operation in idle mode.

EK-STC Classic Fittings 10/13mm (3/8″ – 1/2″) are soft-tube compression nickel-plated brass fittings. With a high-quality finish, the EK-STC Classic Fittings are an aesthetically appealing and secure option for your custom loop liquid cooling system. A non-intrusive, minimalistic look, with NO added branding at all. The locking ring prevents the flexible tube from being pulled out of the fitting by compressing the tubing wall underneath the ring. The EK-STC Classic is a secure variant of the tubing fitting connector as the locking ring prevents flexible tube to be pulled out of the fitting.

EK-CryoFuel Clear is a specially designed additive for computer liquid cooling systems. It comes in a weight-saving 100mL concentrated form, which just needs to be diluted with 900mL distilled water (not included). The diluted liquid forms a stable non-toxic mixture for your liquid cooling loops and contains all the necessary corrosion, scale, and biological growth inhibitors.

The included CPU blocks are compatible with all popular CPU sockets on the market. They feature a universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less installation, supporting Intel 115x and Intel 20xx Sockets. AMD AM4 sockets require that the user performs a mounting bracket swap which is included in the kit.

Availability and Pricing
The EK-KIT Classic products are available for order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) with VAT included.

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