Corsair to Buy Origin PC?

According to sources close to eTeknix Corsair will be acquiring system builder Origin PC. If you haven’t heard of Origin they are a Miami-based system builder that has been around for over 30 years. They offer pre-built gaming desktop and laptops.

With this acquisition Corsair is looking to expand their gaming PC business into full system builds. We’ve already seen companies like NZXT offer a custom PCs through their BLD service and it appears Corsair is looking to do the same. If you can remember last year Corsair acquired Elgato Systems gaming and streaming product line, which expanded their reach to streamers and other content creators.

I think it makes sense for Corsair to expand like this. They already make the memory, power supplies, cases, fans, CPU coolers, and custom water cooling parts, you need for your system anyways. Being able to put those parts together with a CPU, GPU, and motherboard is a win-win for them.

This of course is not official, but we expect confirmation of this acquisition soon.

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