NZXT Announces BLD Service: Building Custom PCs

NZXT has just announced their new BLD Service, which will offer customers custom-built PCs that are tailored around their favorite games. The new service makes use of thousands of data points which have been collected by the company’s CAM software. This has allowed them to define performance profiles for different games available on the market today and streamline build suggestions and customization around the requirements of such games.

nzxt bld 1

According to NZXT’s founder and CEO Johnny Hou, the company has “Reached that tipping point where we have enough data to confidently say ‘these top 10, 20 games, we can predict, and we’re going to guarantee'”. Furthermore, if the games don’t run according to expectations and the guaranteed performance metrics, Hou says that NZXT will let you return the computer.

nzxt bld 2

The BLD service guarantees that you’ll hit the stated performance levels with a 10% variation of the stated performance being allowed (either above or below). Once BLD suggests a configuration the user can then customize it, changing parts for more or less expensive options. BLD more or less will suggest a baseline for your desired performance levels, then you can customize it after that.

There are some things you might want to keep in mind with this new service. The biggest one is that there is a $350 fee for usage of their BLD configurator and parts and labor. So that means $350 less to use on parts if you were building the system yourself. One really cool thing about this service has to do with the warranty, which is three years parts and labor. You will NOT void your warranty if you upgrade your PC, so you can easily swap out parts if you want to and your warranty will still be intact.

You can check out the service here.

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