Intel Core X HEDT Processors Release Schedule Detailed

Intel announced their Core X Series HEDT processors at Computex 2017. We now know the actual release schedule for these processors. The first way of these processors will include two quad-core SKUs, and one each of 6-core, 8-core, and 10-core which will be available from the 2th of June. Pre-orders for these chips will start from June 19th from popular online retailers.

intel core x series

The first wave will include the quad-core Core i5-7640X, and Core i7-7740X “Kaby Lake-X chips as well as the six-core i7-7800X, eight-core i7-7820X, and ten-core i9-7900X “Skylake-X” chips.

Intel also plans to release the Core i9-7920X 12-core processor in August with the 14-core, 16-core, and 18-core parts by October. Along with the processors a large selection of LGA2066 motherboards based on the X299 chipset will be available for pre-order on June 19th, followed by retail availability on June 26th. With LGA2066 having a similar cooler mount and hole layout most LGA2011v3 coolers will be compatible.

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