Enermax Ostrog GT Mid Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
Coming into this review I was actually pretty excited about this case. When I first took it out of the box I really liked the design and had high expectations for the case. After going through the review I still remained impressed, although there were a few things that were not perfect the case is still a great deal at $74.99.

Let’s first talk about the design. Why the case is not ultra-flashy or anything it definitely stands out, especially if you get one of the versions that has an color accent on the front. The front of the case is actually my favorite part, its just looks awesome. The two fans on the front that match the accent make it even better. I do like the side panel window was well. We build these sexy systems and we definitely want to be able to show them off and the side panel window gives you the perfect opportunity to do that.

You can fit quite a lot of hardware inside of this case, even though it is a mid tower. Three 5.25-inch bay devices, eight 3.5-inch hard drives, two 2.5-inch hard drives and room for long video cards. You can really fill this case up! To help cool everything you do have 3 included fans (two 140mm intake, one 120mm exhaust), which seems about right for a case in this price range. The two 140mm fans are red LED fans and the LED’s can actually be turned off by a button on the top of the case.

Installation went pretty well and I really did not run into any issues really. There was a part of the case that did not make much sense to me. There is a cutout towards the top left of the case which I thought was for the CPU power cable, but when you install any motherboard in the case it gets covered up. So Enermax, what exactly is this hole for? If you are taking a quick glance at this case it can be very deceptive. Also I would have liked to have been able to install the 2.5-inch hard drive cage on the top of the bottom cage with the connections of my drive facing towards the back of the case. This was not possible. There is more than enough room behind the motherboard tray to route all of your cables, which is always a huge plus.

Enermax definitely has a good case here in the Ostrog GT, especially for the price of $74.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Enermax Ostrog GT Mid Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Front accent on the case looks great
– 3 included fans (2 LED fans)
– Side panel window
– Easy installation
– Lots of room behind the motherboard tray

– CPU power cable cutout makes no sense
– 2.5-inch hard drive cage could be more versatile

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