CM Storm Control-RX Mousepad Review

Right up front I’m going to tell you that I am pretty excited about this mousepad. The CM Storm Control-RX is one of two mousepads that we recently received from Cooler Master. (The other being the Power-RX so look for that review soon). The Control-RX seems to be a gamers dream mousepad but we will have to see.

As I have said before in a previous review, I don’t really care about the surface that I use when gaming but after using this mousepad for a week, I think my view has changed. First off the mousepad is HUGE and it is also extremely smooth. I’ve never personally seen anything like it. The Control-RX is geared towards low DPI gamers that need that ability to have precise movement. The smooth Lycra surface gives you zero drag when moving across the surface of the mousepad.

Special thanks to CM Storm for providing us with the Control-RX Mousepad to review.

Model Number: SGS-6000-KKSL1
Material: Lycra Surface (tailored for low DPI), Polyurethane (PU) Base
Thickness: 5 mm, 0.19 inch
Size: 440 x 350 x 5 mm / 17.32 x 13.77 x 0.19 inch
Surface Color: Black
Base Color: Black

The front shows the mat, some of the features and has a “peek hole” where you can feel what the mousepad feels like. This is great so people know what they are buying before opening it up but on the other hand, it seems a bit unnecessary because many people, including myself, buy online and read reviews (like this one) to see if they will like it before hitting the “Buy” button.

CM Storm Control-RX Mousepad CM Storm Control-RX Mousepad

On the back you will see that the features are written out in 10 different languages which means they probably use the same packaging around the world. At the bottom there is contact info, in English, of the four regional offices.

CM Storm Control-RX Mousepad