Enermax Releases Coenus Mid Tower Case

Enermax has released a new mid tower case today, the Coenus. The case will be available in two different colors, gun metal grey or jet black. Some of the main features include support for up to 8 hard drives, USB 3.0 support, a large side panel window and a good amount of room behind the motherboard tray for routing your cables. The case can support up to six fans as well for those wondering about cooling.

Having support for all of those hard drives is a huge plus, they can be configured as follows:

• 7 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket in 3.5” position ( 5 x 3.5” for ECA3290B)
• 4 x 2.5” + 3 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket in 2.5” position ( 2 x 2.5” for ECA3290B)
• 3 x 3.5” with upper HDD bracket being removed for maximized VGA card cooling

No word yet on pricing or availability, but these cases should be for sale soon.

Source: Enermax | News Archive

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