GeForce GTX Titan LE Information Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that NVIDIA will be releasing a less expensive variant of their very popular and powerful GeForce GTX Titan Card. Listed in the changelog for hardware monitoring software HWiNFO is this line: Added nVidia GK110 models: GeForce GTX Titan LE, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X. We are guessing the LE might stand for light edition? The Titan is already a limited edition card so why call the new, less powerful card that?

gtx titan

The new GeForce GTX Titan would have 2496 CUDA cores and a memory interface of 320 bits for its 5 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. For those wondering the original GTX Titan has 2688 CUDA cores and a 384 bit interface for its 6GB of memory. With these specs the card should perform anywhere between the GTX Titan and the GTX 680 or GTX 690 dual-chip.

No word yet on when NVIDIA will be launching the card.

Source: HWiNFO | News Archive

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