Sunday, July 15, 2018

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NVIDIA Working on GeForce GTX Titan Ultra and GTX Titan LE

It seems that everyone is talking about AMD this week as they will be releasing their Radeon HD 7990 graphics card this week. But don't count NVIDIA out of the graphics card race just yet. According to a report at 3DCenter, NVIDIA is working on both a GeForce GTX Titan Ultra and a slimmed down GeForce GTX Titan LE. We have been hearing about the supposed "LE" card for a couple of week now, but the Ultra card is definitely something new.

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GeForce GTX Titan LE Information Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that NVIDIA will be releasing a less expensive variant of their very popular and powerful GeForce GTX Titan Card. Listed in the changelog for hardware monitoring software HWiNFO is this line: Added nVidia GK110 models: <strong>GeForce GTX Titan LE</strong>, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X. We are guessing the LE might stand for light edition? The Titan is already a limited edition card so why call the new, less powerful card that?

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