NVIDIA Working on GeForce GTX Titan Ultra and GTX Titan LE

It seems that everyone is talking about AMD this week as they will be releasing their Radeon HD 7990 graphics card this week. But don’t count NVIDIA out of the graphics card race just yet. According to a report at 3DCenter, NVIDIA is working on both a GeForce GTX Titan Ultra and a slimmed down GeForce GTX Titan LE. We have been hearing about the supposed “LE” card for a couple of week now, but the Ultra card is definitely something new.

gtx titan ultra

The GTX Titan Ultra is of course going to be an upscale card to the original GTX Titan. The original Titan card does not take full advantage of the GK110 graphics, and this new card might be the first card that does. This card would have 2880 CUDA cores and 240 TMU’s. It would also have faster clocks speeds of 950 MHz for the core and 3400 MHz (6.8 GBps) for the memory.

The GTX Titan LE would be a cut-down version of the original Titan card. This card is said to have 2304-2496 CUDA cores, 208 TMU’s, 40 ROPs and a smaller 320-bit wide memory interface holding 5120 MB of memory.

If NVIDIA puts all 3 of these cards into production prices would look something like this:

GeForce GTX Titan LE: $599-699
GeForce GTX Titan: $940-980
GeForce GTX Titan Ultra: $1000 or over

Source: 3DCenter | News Archive

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