Enermax Thormax Giant Full Tower Case Review

Enermax Thormax Giant Overview
I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have a full sized tower to build into and this one is really nice. The look is very aggressive and a family member that is in their twenties said “it looks like a transformer”, and maybe they are right. “What’s wrong with that”, I thought to myself making a mental note of what he had said on first look of it.

This case was built for gamers that are not afraid to load up on computer parts and accessories. There is room for a lot and there is room for enough and lots of options to try and the Handle in the back is even heavy duty enough to take to a “LAN Party” but I wouldn’t, unless you played football or Soccer in school and have a young strong back.

Actually there are so many ways to use this case I won’t be able to show you all in this review but I will do my best to give you an Idea about what this case can do in this review.

The outside has a rough surface paint exterior. By rough I don’t mean bad at all actually the paint is strong and bonded well, it’s just not smooth. The Acrylic or Perspex is really good grade and the case is built for lots of ventilation and strong lifelong reliability.

Angled front glam shot

The side in profile looks good but the window does not have a focal point but itself. It’s really nicely built and the quality of the Perspex or clear acrylic is nice and the Enermax badge inside it is great, but it looks like it shows the wire management and the hard drive back and all the plugs for the USB and front panel pin outs. Not much to see through then but who will want to look in the window the Enermax Vegas 140X140 lights are showing. These fans are some of the most popular and pretty fans in the world with their lighting capability and I don’t blame them for making the side window second priority with one of those beautiful fans on stage.

Side profile

Like fish have gills this case has gills on both sides. They are great for equalizing the air inside the case by letting heat out or by allowing fresh air from outside to be sucked inside the case it uses natural heat convection to use these side vents so there is no stagnate place in the box to stay heated.

Case gills

The front is extremely ventilated with all four of the 5.25 bay slots vented and filtered. The Vent on the bottom is also easy to remove by bending tabs and cleaning the filter is not super easy snap off design but it is easy enough to bend out the tabs that hold the Modder’s mesh on the front and it will come right out with a little pinch.

Full Frontal

The motherboard tray side follows the same theme as the other side but it almost a blank canvas to an artist with a need for airbrushing. I look at it and I see at least two themes here that would look great painted. Actually this surface does not take vinyl stickers very well or any kind of adhesive type of add-on. They make it like this so the magnetic headphone holder doesn’t scratch the surface. But a spray can and some self etching primer first and you got a great canvas for a nice hand painted mural.

Full back

The back has a very impressive and very strong handle in the back for carrying or moving the large case and it’s not just for looks, its can handle as over twice the weight of the case without worries. The back exhaust fan is an Enermax “ENER-FLO” 120×120 fan can that can also be changed to a 140×140, but the ventilation holes for the air is made for the 120 so unless you know how to cut a hole in the back for a 140 fan and use a aftermarket fan vent, you can just have the screws there for the 140 to fit but air will be probably hindered by the size of the vent.

There are two holes at the top that could take some hard lines to a separate water cooling solution and 4 rubber coated holes down the side are great for a chiller and a water cooling solution if you wanted to add one or both of these devices to a super over clocked rig. The empty PCI slots will do a great job for ventilation as well. Finally the bottom is made with the typical cutouts needed to fit in your favorite type of large Power supply if you need the extra large, it fits.

Full back

The controls and the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 are plenty at the front and the top back half of the case is comprised of a removable vent for cleaning later. Under it is lies the installation points needed for fans of 120, 140 or 200 on air and 120 and 140 sized radiator at the top, but the cover only allows airflow for 240 or 280 of the radiator so it’s still unlikely that I will get a 360 in the top but I am not giving up hope.

Top View

Finally the feet will turn for you at 45 degree intervals. You can set each of them in any configuration you would like. Here is an example of three ways that they can be set up but they are independent of each other so the owner can set the feet in any configuration they need to.

Feet Configuration

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