NZXT GRID+ Fan Controller Review

It’s amazing what a difference one symbol can make. Until the 16th century all math was written out as a word problem. And it wasn’t until the late 15th century that this frustratingly slow process was finally if only partially abbreviated by the invention of the “+” sign. Originally written as a shortened version of the Latin word for “and” it took much longer and many more visual iterations of the symbol before the common “+” symbol as we know it today took root. But let’s go back to the root word of the symbol: and. One of the most popular conjunctions in the English language, “and” refers to something else, something in addition to, more.

So what, and why the history lesson you ask? You’re here to read about computers and hardware of course. Well interestingly enough hardware powerhouse NZXT has reinvented their simple but popular Grid fan hub. Intriguingly this new version of the hub is has been titled the Grid+. Being such a simple object we are thoroughly curious what NZXT has done to “add” to the original Grid. Indeed is the new Grid+ worthy of this new moniker?

Special thanks to NZXT for providing the Grid+ for review!

6 FANS: Digitally controlled via CAM software with 30 watts total output.
FAN MANAGEMENT: Assign custom names to each fan and monitor all vital statistics in one place.
CUSTOM SPEED PROFILES: Use one of NZXT’s silent or high performance profiles for automatic fan control. Alternatively, you can create your own custom speed profile.
MOBILE SUPPORT: GRID+ comes with full mobile support, allowing you to control and monitor your fans from anywhere.
DISCREET INSTALLATION: Following in the footsteps of the NZXT GRID, the GRID+ can be installed in any discreet location, making cable management a breeze.


When it comes to packaging we just have to hand it to NZXT, they know to display and deliver a product. The Grid+ comes to us in a small rectangular box with a cut out at the top for displaying the product. The front of the box features a nice photo of the Grid+ in the center. Layered behind in matte black and orange, is the product title, as well as the phrase “Fan Control Made Easy”. Along the bottom edge you will find a listing of the dimensions, the max wattage and the warranty length across from the NZXT symbol.


The back of the box goes into more detail about the unit. It includes a screenshot of the CAM software, which we will get into more later on in the review, as well as the list of features that we included above. Finally there is a collection of 7 additional languages on the left side of the box.


Opening the box from the bottom we pull out a plastic tray containing the Grid+ unit, it’s accessories, as well as an installation manual. Everything seems to be held securely in this tray and we see no reason for concern with the packaging as far as shipping goes.