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NZXT GRID+ V2 Fan Controller

NZXT GRID+ V2 Fan Controller Review

When building an epic new rig we focus on the exciting main items like the motherboard, processor, ram, and of course the GPU! Often times that could leave you missing some important items when you actually start to put the build together. I feel one of the most overlooked items is the fan controller. Often times there is a solution included with the case, but if your build is deserving of the adjective “epic” then you will need more than the included controller or hub. Hoping to be there for you when you need plenty of power and specific control, NZXT is bringing to the market the third iteration of it’s very popular fan hub, the GRID+ V2. Follow along as we find out if this hub has what you need to keep your case nice and chill.


NZXT GRID+ Fan Controller Review

So what, and why the history lesson you ask? You’re here to read about computers and hardware of course. Well interestingly enough hardware powerhouse NZXT has reinvented their simple but popular Grid fan hub. Intriguingly this new version of the hub is has been titled the Grid+. Being such a simple object we are thoroughly curious what NZXT has done to “add” to the original Grid. Indeed is the new Grid+ worthy of this new moniker?

Phanteks Case Accessories

Phanteks Case Accessories Review

Phanteks has found itself in the enviable position of having some of the most highly regarded cases currently on the market. Their line-up of course begins with the Primo on top followed by the Luxe and bringing up the rear is the Pro. With these cases Phanteks has used a sort of modular design for certain parts. For example the SSD brackets; they all mount in the same way in all three cases. The difference being the type and quantity of brackets included, with the Pro you are limited to just one single drive bracket. This might be disappointing to you, but don’t worry, Phanteks has your back. Now available on most major computer component retailer sites is Phanteks full line of case accessories. Let’s take a brief look at what Phanteks has to offer.

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NZXT Intros Grid Internal Fan Hub

NZXT has been using internal fan hubs in their cases for a while now. These fan hubs provide a central location to connect all of your fans, which makes things much easier. NZXT has just announced the Grid Internal Fan hub that allows anyone no matter what case they have to easily connect their fans to one central location. The fan hub supports up to 10 fans and is designed to fit in any case.

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