Noctua Presents NA-FH1 Eight-channel PWM Fan Hub

Noctua today presented its new NA-FH1 fan hub. The NA-FH1 is a high-quality, smartly-protected 8 channel PWM fan hub that allows up to eight PWM fans to be run and controlled simultaneously via a single PWM motherboard fan header or stand-alone controllers such as the optional NA-FC1. Supporting both 12 V and 5 V fans with 4-pin PWM and 3-pin connectors, the NA-FH1 is highly flexible and suitable both for PC environments and other 12 V- or 5 V-based applications.

“While there is no shortage of fan hubs on the market, we found most of them lacking both from a functional and from a safety perspective,” explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “PWM control and RPM readout can be unreliable, and most units lack overcurrent or short-circuit protection, which can be dangerous when powering through S-ATA. This is where the NA-FH1 steps in: a safe, dependable quality device for powering and controlling up to eight fans!”

Noctua NA-FH1 Noctua NA-FH1

Many fan hubs that are available on the market use very basic PCB designs without any protection or circuitry for signal quality improvement. While this helps to reduce cost, there are significant drawbacks with regards to function and safety. In particular, PWM based speed control may not work reliably if multiple fans are connected and RPM speed signals may be transmitted in poor quality, especially at low fan speeds, which can cause readout errors. By contrast, the NA-FH1’s signal quality improvement circuitries guarantee reliable readout and speed control, even if incoming signals may be of less-than-ideal quality.

In terms of safety, unprotected fan hubs bear risks in cases of overcurrent or short-circuits on the output ports. Especially when powering the devices through S-ATA, this can result in cables and connectors melting and may even cause sparks or flames. To rule out that anything like this can happen, the NA-FH1 features protection circuitries with resettable polyfuses that shut down in case of overcurrent or short-circuits, protecting the connected fans and surrounding components.

Noctua NA-FH1

The NA-FH1 can be powered either via its S-ATA input (for 12 V fans, up to 54 W) or 4-pin PWM input (for 5 V and 12 V fans, up to 24 W). The two ports can also be used concurrently with the device automatically taking power via S-ATA and exchanging RPM and PWM signals via the 4-pin interface. Status LEDs allow for easy monitoring and thanks to its magnetic fixture, installing the NA-FH1 inside a PC case or on any other steel surface is a breeze. Topped off with CE, UKCA and UL certifications, full compliance with all applicable safety standards as well as Noctua’s 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NA-FH1 is a safe, dependable premium choice for powering and controlling up to eight fans.

Suggested retail price
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is EUR/USD 34.90. For more information, visit the product page.

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