Phanteks Case Accessories Review

Phanteks has found itself in the enviable position of having some of the most highly regarded cases currently on the market. Their line-up of course begins with the Primo on top followed by the Luxe and bringing up the rear is the Pro. With these cases Phanteks has used a sort of modular design for certain parts. For example the SSD brackets; they all mount in the same way in all three cases. The difference being the type and quantity of brackets included, with the Pro you are limited to just one single drive bracket. This might be disappointing to you, but don’t worry, Phanteks has your back. Now available on most major computer component retailer sites is Phanteks full line of case accessories. Let’s take a brief look at what Phanteks has to offer.

Special thanks to Phanteks for supplying their line of case accessories for us to check out today!

Phanteks Case Accessories

First let’s look at an item that hasn’t been available before. For the Enthoo Luxe only, Phanteks is now offering waterproof LED light strips that can be installed anywhere you choose inside your case. These strips come in lengths of 1 meter or 2 meters and have the full color changing functionality of the Luxe’s exterior lighting.

Phanteks LED Strip

Simply using the existing connector in the Luxe you plug the connectors together, and your lighting should work. The strips come with 3M double sided tape for easy installation. These make a great addition to the interior lighting of your case and are completely pain free to install.

Phanteks LED Strip Phanteks LED Strip Phanteks LED Strip Phanteks LED Strip

Next we have Phanteks PWM Fan Hub. This is the same hub that you will find in all three cases. This difference is that the retail version is enclosed in a plastic case. The hub boast PWM control of up to 11 fans using their 3-pin Y splitters! The hub is powered from a single 4-pin header on your motherboard. Any additional power needed can be found by plugging the optional Sata connector into your PSU. The hub can be installed with the included screws or the included velcro strips. And just to top it off, the Phanteks logo on the hub lights up when it’s powered on.

Phanteks Fan Hub Phanteks Fan Hub Phanteks Fan Hub

Looking to mount a pump in your Enthoo Pro case? Why not make your life easier and pick up Phanteks Pump Bracket. The pump bracket mounts easily into all three Phanteks cases using thumb screws. It also has rubber padded feet and mounting surface to help ensure a more quietly operating pump. And I can tell you from experience this bracket will make your life easier. Simply install your pump onto the bracket outside the case and the attach it to the case using two thumbscrews.

Finally as mentioned Phanteks is now selling the SSD brackets found in it’s cases separately in both the single and dual drive form factor. Find yourself needing more mounting space but you don’t want to use or have an open space in your drive cages? Problem solved, just pick up a spare bracket and you’re good to go.

Overall we find this group of accessories to be a great addition to Phanteks current offerings. The LED strips are brilliant and easy to use, waterproof as well, though we hope you never need that. And of course the ever more popular PWM Fan Hub can bring power to a large number of your fans in a small form factor. And if you find yourself in need you now have the ability to up your storage capacity even further with the SSD brackets.

We’ve seen a lot of great things coming from Phanteks lately and look forward to seeing more from them in the future!