Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case Review

If there is one area of the PC world that is difficult to release something unique in, it would be cases. While it might seem that the possibilities are limitless, the truth is there are a very tight set of requirements to which builders must conform. These guidelines result in manufacturers churning out case after case that are essentially the same thing. Sure they may add this plastic bit here, or convert something else to be more tool less there, but at the core they are the same. This has had both positive and negative effects. The case mod scene comes from the desire for individuality in this sea of indistinguishable parts and has resulted in some impressive builds. However, many are left building their machines within the strict confines allowed by their cases. Fortunately for those of us looking for something unique and appropriate there are still some companies thinking outside the box. Today we will take a close look at the Phanteks Enthoo Primo full tower case and see if Phanteks is one of these companies.

Special thanks to Phanteks for providing the Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case to review.

Enthoo Primo includes 1 x 140mm fan on top, 2 x140mm LED fans in front, 1 x 140mm fan in the rear, and 1 x 140mm fan on the bottom. Ability to upgrade to additional fans is possible. All fans included are Phanteks’ new redesigned and better performing PH-F140SP. Phanteks’ Enthoo Primo, unleash unlimited possibilities.

– Clean and elegant design that can be recognized by the refined aluminum front and top panels. Controllable LED lighting (LED strip and Fan LED). Polished chamfers that subtly accentuate the intake and exhaust areas.
– Stealth interior: hidden PSU / hidden HDD / hidden cables and grommets (modular cable cover).

– Extreme cooling capacity, providing up to 16 different fan mount locations (120mm / 140mm)
– 5 included Phanteks’ premium fans PH-F140SP
– The PWM hub makes it possible to control all the connected fans (also 3-pin fans) with PWM function through 1 PWM connector and create a better cable management.
– Thermally isolated PSU keeps the radiant heat from other critical components, reveals an optimal bottom air intake and hides the cables from blocking the airflow.
– Extensive water cooling support. Provides up to 5 different installation areas for slim and thick radiators varying from single to quad (120mm and 140mm form factors). Clearance for push-pull fan configurations.
– Innovative liquid cooling mounting systems: radiator brackets for easy installation (bottom and side), cable cover can be transformed into a reservoir bracket with pre-drilled mounting holes and a universal pump bracket with vibration dampening function.

– Dual repositionable and removable HDD cages (support up to 6 HDD’s) for more installation flexibility or unrestricted airflow
– Closed HDD panel strengthens the chassis’ rigidity, even when both HDD cages are removed.
– Removable Drop-n-Lock Doublestack SSD brackets that can be installed on 3 different locations. (2 brackets incl.)
– Removable front and top covers for easy installation of cooling components and easy dust filter removal.
– Other removable dust filters are located in the bottom (2x) and side panel (2x).
– Pre-installed cable management tools behind the motherboard tray that can be fastened and released.
– 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, LED switch
– Support up to 2 PSU’s

The Enthoo Primo as mentioned is a full tower chasis. As such, it’s a big case with dimensions measuring 250mm x 650mm x 600mm (W x H x D). So I presumed it was guaranteed to ship in a large box as well, and I was not disapointed. At 28.5”x13”x27” it is one of the largest case boxes I’ve received, and has plenty of room for padding on the inside.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case

In the day of online shopping most computer builders purchase everything online. The big risk with cases is having them easily damaged in-transit. Thankfully the Enthoo Primo comes with plenty of padding to help avert this.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case

Pulling the thick foam sections from the ends and top you will find that the case ships with the back panel down. Being taller than it is long, this allows for a shorter box. Under the foam the whole case is shipped inside a large plastic bag.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case

And under the bag you will find even more protective plastic on the windows, and around the entire circumference.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case

The box that our case shipped in actually had a large dent in the side, but the case remained undamaged.