Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower Case Review

If there is one area of the PC world that is difficult to release something unique in, it would be cases. While it might seem that the possibilities are limitless, the truth is there are a very tight set of requirements to which builders must conform. These guidelines result in manufacturers churning out case after case that are essentially the same thing. Sure they may add this plastic bit here, or convert something else to be more tool less there, but at the core they are the same. This has had both positive and negative effects. The case mod scene comes from the desire for individuality in this sea of indistinguishable parts and has resulted in some impressive builds. However, many are left building their machines within the strict confines allowed by their cases. Fortunately for those of us looking for something unique and appropriate there are still some companies thinking outside the box. Today we will take a close look at the Phanteks Enthoo Primo full tower case and see if Phanteks is one of these companies.

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