NZXT GRID+ Fan Controller Review

Final Thoughts
It doesn’t take much imagination to realize the + sign has saved mathematicians unfathomable amounts of time over the hundreds of years since it’s invention. Likewise the benefits of the + sign to the Grid+ are greatly beneficial. Although the Grid+ has gone from a ten port hub to a six port hub, what we have now is a compact refined piece of hardware with a fantastic piece of software to added to it. Physically there is really no way you could improve on the design of the the Grid+ it is elegantly functional, easy to install, and just the right size. Where the Grid+ really shines is after the installation when you start working with the CAM software. Although NZXT is not the first to implement software control for a specific piece of hardware, it is the first suite this reviewer has used that works flawlessly across a spectrum of products. As a company known for listening to the user, this software really shows it and brings you thermal monitoring and control at a whole new level and does so in a single package. Being software controlled means having to wait until your system is booted to adjust your fans, but it also allows NZXT to have the ability to upgrade their product via a software patch.

Unfortunately there are a couple of caveats to be aware of with this compact fan hub. The biggest hurdle in this reviewers opinion is limited support for four pin fans. This simple mis-design is sure to turn away many potential buyers and frustrate some who didn’t check this out before hand. Additionally we would certainly have loved to find individual fan control, and being able to lower the fans below 40% power seems like a must add feature. And finally we must mention the USB 2.0 connector. Yes if the Grid+ is the only USB device you are using you should have no issue. However if you use another USB device, for instance a CAM controlled NZXT AIO cooler, you are likely going to have to make some decisions about which devices you really need.

Let’s talk about money. Simply put, the Grid+ is the most expensive fan hub on the market. At a debut price of $34.99 USD, it is slightly more than twice the cost of the original Grid hub. How could it be so expensive you ask? Well what we have here, what NZXT wants us to believe at least, is a full featured, adjustable fan controller. The real question you must ask yourself is whether the Grid+ gives you $34.99 worth of fan controller instead of fan hub.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT Grid+ an 8 out of 10 score. This fan hub is great if it fits your needs, and you aren’t worried about USB devices.

– Great build quality
– Simple, easy to use design and installation
– Ample power for 6 fans
– Turns into a full fan controller using the brilliant CAM software package

– Only supports 2 four pin fans
– Allows fan control, but not the fine tuning a front panel device might give you