eSports Market To Be Worth $2 Billion By 2018

The growth of eSports over the past few years has been nothing but astounding. According to a new report from the researchers at SuperData, the global eSports business could reach a total value of almost 2 billion by 2018!


The current eSports business is valued at $748 million this year, which is driven mainly by sponsorships and advertising that make up $570 -million of that figure. The eSports market is expected to see even more growth more than doubling to $1.9 billion in 2018. In addition to sponsorships betting sites and amateur tournament platforms will become a large factor.


Brand advertising makes us 77% of the market and it should reach $1 billion by 2017. “eSports are becoming more mainstream and that has attracted traditional media channels like TBS and ESPN. So far, fans have had to seek out platforms to watch tournaments and players, but now people can stumble upon eSports while flipping through channels. Even old-fashioned brands are taking notice and there is a growing interest in advertising to the coveted millennial male demographic on a medium they know well,” commented SuperData’s Director of Research and Consumer Insights Stephanie Llamas.

Viewership of eSports is approaching 188 million. And much like traditional sports Pro eSports players are reaching celebrity status.

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Source: | News Archive

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