Essential Tips On How To Speed Clean Your Home Effectively

Easy Upkeep Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Home Spotless Clean

It’s quite challenging to keep your home clean. It drains your energy and consumes a lot of your time. It’s exhausting just to think of all the mess you need to take care of and the surfaces you have to wash. And like with most homeowners, hiring help has probably entered your mind often. You may not have the patience and time for it, but keeping a clean home has its benefits for the entire family.

Luckily, there are useful techniques, shortcuts, and convenient smart home gadgets that can make the cleaning process simple. Smart cleaning tools like the robot mops offer efficient cleaning with little to no effort on your part. These devices are so handy that you can even program them to clean even when you’re away.

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Is A Robot Mop Worth The Investment?

Robotic mop cleaners are extremely beneficial. Nonetheless, they do of course have a higher price tag than your conventional mop and bucket. No doubt, the traditional cleaning method is fine and can do a good job but a mopping robot is worth every penny you spend on it since it can save you so much valuable time. 

These gadgets can clean your space automatically while you’re doing other chores or even when you’re at the office. They’re particularly ideal for busy individuals who don’t have the time on their hands to regularly clean their humble abode. And if you have pets at home that continually shed (and they always do) then these smart tools are a perfect fit for you. 

Cleaning is a household chore that you can’t avoid. But with the right tool it can be easy and fun. And investing in the best mopping robot is the solution to most of your concerns. Additionally, it’ll give you time to relax and do other important things around the house. You can read more about the high-tech home appliance at CleanupExpert.

Advantages Of Using Robot Mops 

  • Getting rid of debris has never been easier. You’ll find a lot of debris around your home, particularly on surfaces getting plenty of foot traffic. Letting your unit run on the main level can decrease the amount of filth in your house. But make sure to tidy up a bit since these machines can’t take care of tiny pebbles, rocks, and clumps of dirt. Nevertheless, your surfaces will still look great and clean.
  • Can tackle hard-to-reach spots. A reliable and low-profile mop can easily go under pieces of furniture like beds and sofa to clean. So no more hurting your back just to get to those remote areas. 
  • You can schedule the cleaning time of your robot. Not all models have this convenient future. But for those that do, programming them to clean is quite simple. If you want to wake up with clean flooring you can set your unit up before you go to sleep. Or schedule it before leaving for work if you want to get home to fresh floors.
  • Keep floors free from pet hair. You adore your pets, but it’s not fun to deal with their endless shedding. Fortunately, your robotic mop can handle this. And you only need to empty its container every two to three days. 
  • Spot cleaning feature. Some devices can spot clean, which means you only need to direct it towards any spills or sticky spots that need washing. The mop will then concentrate on that specific area.
  • Various mopping functions. The majority of these smart gadgets provide different mopping options like dry, damp, or wet mopping. Furthermore, they usually come with interchangeable cleaning pads. This feature is a major benefit for those with sensitive floors that do not do well with water accumulation. 
  • Vacuum ability. There are plenty of hybrid models today that can vacuum and mop. These robots can take care of numerous flooring types and can save you a lot of time and money.

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Speed Cleaning Your Home The Old-Fashioned Way

If you have some time on your hands for some quick upkeep or you’re expecting guests, here are some helpful tips and tricks that can make your home look spotless instantly.

1. First, understand what speed cleaning is

Keep in mind that speed cleaning is about maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your space. You can do it whenever you have the chance, even during your busiest days or nights. The key here is coming up with a pretty good strategy. 

The simple tricks we have here can help motivate you and be as efficient as possible when cleaning. 

2. The secrets to cleaning shortcuts

Cleaning shortcuts mean knowing which tool to use for the job. It’s also about taking advantage of any downtime of a few minutes or so. Doing a few little things at a time can make a world of difference. It can also reduce the energy and time you need to handle cleaning tasks every day.

3. Mastering the art of 15-minute cleanups

You only need around 15 minutes to clean almost every room in your home. You’ll be surprised at what that amount of time can do for your bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The secret is preparation and knowing the things you need to accomplish.  

You may even involve the entire family in the process by assigning a member for each room. Most cleanups are usually simple enough for your children. Moreover, it can be a fun bonding moment for your family. You can get a timer, set it up, and get down to business. You can give a reward to whoever finishes first or celebrate with a pizza when everyone finishes.

4. Invest in the right cleaning tools and gadgets

With so many new cleaning tools and gadgets popping up on the market, it’s very tempting to buy them all. However, they can be costly and not all work as advertised. So make sure to be wise and do your research. There are cleaning solutions out there (like robot mops) that can save you both money and time. And most live up to the expectations. 

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Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid That May Be Slowing You Down

You want to ensure that your home is cleaned well. Nevertheless, you want to do it as fast as you can. If you want to be more efficient at cleaning and not spend too much time on it, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Not following the rule of cleaning from top to bottom. Make sure to dust first before vacuuming your floors. The last thing you want is to have to vacuum again when dirt from the furniture you’re dusting falls on your freshly vacuumed carpets.
  • Not letting your tile solution work for a few minutes. Give your tile cleaner some minutes to sit and settle in before scrubbing it away. Doing so will help soften any stains and soap scum, which will result in less scrubbing needed.
  • Tackling your windows when it’s sunny and warm. The heat from the warm sun may cause your cleaning solution to dry out even before wiping it away. As a result, you may have to start all over again.
  • Washing your dishes in your sink before putting them in your dishwasher. There is no doubt that you need to scrape all food scraps from your dishes and into your garbage. However, you’ll waste your energy and time if you prewash your dishes before loading them in your dishwasher. Simply put them in there. And if you are not going to run it immediately, you can put your machine to its rinse only cycle and let it rinse them.
  • Forgetting to clean your cleaning tools and gadgets. If the bags of your vacuum cleaner are full or if you’re using dirty mops, they will not remove or pick up dirt. It means that you’ll have to work longer and harder with little to no results. So make sure to replace or clean your tools when necessary.

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