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Online casinos are fast becoming a fad across the globe. Gone are the days when people dressed in expensive suits to spend the night out at casinos; many now opt for online casinos that avail players the opportunity to enjoy all variety of games from the comfort of their homes. All over the world, there’s been a meteoric rise in the users of online casinos. This is due to the ease of access and play. Apart from these features, players can gamble without having experience on games, although this does not say that you should start staking at online casinos without any knowledge. This, therefore, requires you to read more on online table games, either poker or scratchcards to start.

Ease Of Access

Online casinos have made gambling astonishingly easy. Now, to enjoy and stake on games, all you need do is own a mobile with internet access, 10 euro (perhaps), some tips and you are very good to go. The cost of enjoying available games takes the standard a notch higher. Some sites allow players to play selected games for free.

For players willing for more vivid representations, most online casinos offer live streaming feature, an option that provides graphical illustrations to players, anywhere, anytime. This is often for live dealership games, giving the impression that you’re having a real time playing experience. What’s more, online casinos are designed creatively and organised in a manner that makes navigation easy and tidy. With online casinos, gambling has never been easier.

Types Of Casino

Having gone through the reasons online casinos are being widely accepted worldwide, it is pivotal to know the kind of casino you can play at.

There are basically two types of casino: no account casino and the standard casino account.

No Account Casino

As the name may indicate, a no-account casino is a site that does not require creating an account before users can enjoy games. Users do not have to go through the sign-up processes, no matter how simple. Players can enjoy all the games without any registration at all. The number of casinos that accept no account play is quite low. Here are the features that distinguish no account casinos:

  1. They use a Bank ID as a means of verification.
  2. The verification process is provided by Trustly alone.
  3. No account casinos are only available to players in Finland, Germany and Sweden.
  4. Registration is completed within 10 seconds.
  5. Deposits and withdrawals are made instantly.

How Do No Account Casinos Work?

The process is quite straightforward: users only have to input their bank account or payment provider details and, voila, are done. The casino takes it up by processing the user’s data through a government application, Trustly. The casino then creates the user’s ID using these data. Note that this process is completed within seconds.

No account casinos are best known for the speed of operations and ease of payments. There are no unnecessary steps to make or receive payments. As long as you’re connected to the Pay ‘N Play system, you’re good to go. All deposits are made directly from your bank account and so are winnings instantly credited.

Is It Safe To Play At No Account Casinos?

You might be unsure of releasing your bank account details due to fear of fraud or leaks, and that is understandable. Well, good news, a no-account casino is quite safe.

First, the system runs on a government app, Trustly. The app designers have passed several safety checks and tests to guarantee maximum safety. This process could even be safer than that at standard casinos. The ID verification method in use is authorised by several government entities and are as well accepted by various banks and commercial organisations.

How Do I Know If A No Casino Account Is Legal?

This is the most important consideration to make before playing at a no account casino. Yes, no account casinos are legally recognised by the government, but some are not registered and are merely looking to dupe unsuspecting customers. How you recognise such sites is the key point.

The first pointer is to ensure that the site is licensed by relevant gambling authorities, such as the Finnish Gambling Commission or the Swedish gambling authority. An acceptable license is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Any casino without relevant licenses should be avoided. Remember that no account casinos are only available in Europe, and therefore, the gambling authority must be European too.

Standard Casino Account

This is the more popular type of casino. It has been the norm since the inception of online casino gambling and is still preferred by many gamblers, particularly the jittery (who are afraid of the risk) or conservative (who prefer to stick to old methods). The standard casino account requires registration before games can be enjoyed or staked on, and that is the primary difference between it and the no account casino.

How Does A Standard Casino Account Work?

The standard casino is also easy to play at, although the registration procedures can be frustrating at some sites. To stake at a standard casino account, you have to:

  1. Visit the official website of the site you intend to okay at.
  2. Click on ‘Join Now’, ‘Sign-up’ or ‘Become a member’s.
  3. Fill your relevant information such as name, address, mobile number and many other verifiable details.
  4. Click on ‘finish’.
  5. Make your first deposit to activate your account.

Is It Safe To Play At A Standard Account Casino?

Safety at a standard casino account depends on a lot of factors. The factors to consider before playing at the standard casino account include license and certifications; games available, that is, are the available games produced by trustworthy software providers; security, that is, how is the security at the site; can users be assured of safety; and terms and conditions, how are the terms and conditions? Are they flexible and suitable to your needs? The ease of operations is essential too. Players should consider how easy it is for them to navigate sites and enjoy the games.

Games Available At Online Casinos

No account casinos offer all range of casino games, just as standard casinos do. There are all variations of slots, bingo and pokers at many standard casinos, although the collection often depends on the quality of the site. Read more on poker or bingo games for more information.


Online casinos are here to stay as they have been available for a while now. They offer comfort for lesser costs and as well make games more comfortable to enjoy. Players no longer have to conform to the stringent requirements of on-land casinos with the introduction of online casinos. You can read more about online casinos to start.

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