4 Ways to Streamline Your Website

Beautifully designed, streamlined websites are much more attractive to viewers nowadays. In the past, websites crowded with information were the norm but not so anymore.

To help increase traffic to their website, site owners should aim to make their page as efficient, lean, and purposeful as possible. Instead of including over 30 links on the front page, there should be much less that still conveys the same amount of information.

Upon visiting the front page for your website, ask yourself these questions: What actions does the website encourage a site visitor to take? What is the first impression? If you have less-than-favorable answers to these questions, it might be time to switch up your tactics.

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1) Check Your Host

If you’re using the WordPress platform, then it may be time to get hosting services exclusively for that. A WordPress host will help you to streamline your website because the host will offer features specific to the blogging platform.

Kinsta is a good option for website owners who need to accommodate more visitors, host more websites, or acquire more storage space. The company offers ten different plans to meet the requirements of every customer. Managed WordPress hosting can give you benefits you won’t see anywhere else: faster speeds, better security, and even staging sites.

2) Remove Extra Features

If you find that your website is busy and cluttered, then it’s time to remove some of those unnecessary features. Here’s a tip: If the element is distracting, then it is not helping any visitors.

Your product pages should only include the information customers want and need to know: purchasing price, shipping information, and descriptions.

Things like newsletter signups and social media links may make sense for the front page on the site. However, you don’t need to include these links in other places like purchasing pages.

To find out exactly which features are unneeded, try downloading a service that will tell you exactly where viewers click when they visit your page. That way, you can get rid of those extra links with confidence.

3) Get Rid of Repetitive Information

If you are writing the same information on multiple pages of your site, then you need some serious streamlining.

Make sure that you communicate everything a customer needs to know on as few pages as possible. If a customer has to click around to many different sections to find a specific piece of information, it’s less likely that they’ll want to buy from or consider your company. Customers only want information that is relevant so that they can make an informed decision.

4) Cut Copy

Even though it may feel necessary at times, your website does not have to include every detail about your company. The primary purpose of copywriting is to get your visitors to take a particular action like purchasing a product or scheduling an appointment. Be concise in your writing, but let viewers know how they can get more information.

If you have more information that you want to include on your website, but it isn’t pertinent information, consider including it in a blog post or social media post.

An Appealing Website Is within Reach

If your website isn’t getting enough traffic, or it’s overwhelming visitors with an excess of information, you should consider taking some action to improve. Streamlining through tailored website hosts, paring the information down to the essential links, eliminating redundancy, and cutting unnecessary copy are the best steps to streamlining your site. With a minimalist design, you can be sure your visitors are only receiving the information they want and need to make a purchase.

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