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Why Will Flash Applications Be Converted To HTML5 In 2020?

Over the years, many developers have been using flash applications to bring their ideas to life. However, an announcement by Adobe who is the company behind flash applications has meant that by 2020, we won’t be able to use flash applications anymore. Of course, they have got something to replace this which is HTML5 and luckily, this is already being used by those who create these kinds of applications. HTML5 is becoming used more and more every day but many developers are not ready for the swap to this language, despite the warning being out there for a while.

Here, we are going to look at some of the reasons why flash applications are being phased out and how you can still access your favourite apps when they are converted. Keep reading to find out more about this.

What Was Wrong With Flash?

Flash player is something which was initially created for the PC era and this is something which has started to fade away over time. Everyone is now using their mobile phones to use their favourite applications and flash player simply isn’t working out in this area. Interestingly, Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple once said that Adobe Flash wasn’t going to last and now in 2020, this has become a reality.

There are many reasons why Flash has slowly been phased out including many ways that it fell short. Some of these reasons include the battery life that it required for mobile devices and the issue with touch screen devices. Flash also didn’t work for mobile devices because of its lack of openness and the issue that is associated with 3rd party development tools. This kind of tool needs to be accessible for third parties, otherwise, it tends to phase out by itself. Developers want to be able to create on their own terms and this is where flash fell short.

All of these issues have led Adobe to realise that that Flash isn’t up to the mobile device technology standard that we have today and are now working with some of the bigger companies to develop something that is.


What Is HTML5?

HTML5 is something which is set to replace flash applications and it is something which has already been in place for many years. A good example of this is in the online casino industry where you’ll find plenty of mobile casino games that use HTML5 to bring their games to life. RTG online slots are a great example of this and they work really well when it comes to mobile compatibility. This indicates that there is hope for HTML5 in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML5 then you should know that it stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is used around the web. This version is the fifth version which is why they have added a five to the end. In short, HTML5 is a coding language and it is used by many developers who want to create apps, ads and animations. Coding languages are very important and there are many of them. While HTML5 isn’t the most common language of the options, it is definitely being used by those who want to create excellent quality apps. HTML5 is advanced and was created with mobile applications in mind. This is what makes it the perfect replacement for flash player.

What To Do

If you are someone who has worked on flash applications in the past, then you might be wondering what you should do with these. You won’t want them to disappear forever and so you will need to consider whether they should be converted to the newer HTML5 or not. Firstly, you should ensure that you actually want to convert this app as it can be a lengthy process. Many developers will automatically want to convert the app without really thinking about it, but this could be a waste of your time and efforts. Could you make something better by using HTML5 directly? If not, you might want to take a look online at some guides that can help you to ensure the conversion goes smoothly. There are plenty of these online as there are many people who are facing the same issue.

Something to consider when it comes to converting your flash applications into HTML5 is that some elements might have to be redesigned. This can be disappointing, but it will help you to create an app that is its best possible version of itself. Make sure that you have the source files or else you won’t be able to convert your program. This is not something which will be possible for everyone, but it is something to consider before you get started on this.


Soon enough, flash applications will no longer be in operation and everyone will need to create their apps in HTML5 or an alternative version depending on the platform. It is interesting that Steve Jobs predicted this in the past, despite not knowing exactly where technology was going to go in the future. Of course, Steve Jobs did have an idea for his own products in the future and so could have predicted that these would not use flash purely out of his own design choices.

While it can be disappointing for those who don’t have the source files for the program and so can’t convert to the new language, this also gives an opportunity for a fresh start. Many developers spend years on the same project but can create something new and exciting if forced to in a way. If you are a developer or someone who uses a lot of mobile applications, then this change will definitely apply to you. Many big sites like casinos and other online gaming sites use this technology every day and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Look out for HTML5 appearing more often in the world of online technology and apps.

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