Everything You Don’t Know about Windows

Did you know that Windows 1 was released more than 30 years ago? This is a pretty significant date, especially on the background of developments and innovations that were introduced during this time. We want to present you a list of the most interesting facts about Windows.


Facts about Windows Would Be Interesting to Know

  • In 1985, at the first stages of development, the new operating system was called Interface Manager. Bill Gates intended to launch it on sale under this name. However, soon the PR-managers of the company came up with a new name and convinced Gates that the word Windows is much better associated with the appearance of the new OS.
  • The operating system Windows 1.0 was sold from November 1985 to April 1987. During this time, about 500 thousand copies were realized.
  • The latest version of Windows 10 gained more than 120 million users in just three months.
  • Currently, more than 91% of personal computers run under the Windows operating system. Surely, your computer is also among them, and you can download yumdownload.com – the best programs for it.
  • Microsoft Mouse appeared in 1983. This new device was necessary to use Windows 1.0, but at that time they were not widespread. To train users to handle a new input device, Microsoft developed and implemented a computer version of the Reversi game in Windows. In addition to the entertainment function, they, according to the idea of developers, were supposed to help users to adapt to the graphical interface.
  • Windows 95 has allowed Microsoft to become a leader in the world of technology. However, more than $300 million was spent on advertising. The commercials contained a fragment of The Rolling Stones composition and fragments of works of


  • the popular comedian Jay Leno. Advertising brought results, and in the following years Microsoft’s revenues grew several times.
  • The background image of the desktop in Windows XP used by default is certainly the most frequently viewed photo in the history. It was made by Charles Oreira in 1996 in the California district of Sonoma. The photographer sold it for a small amount, and Microsoft used as desktop wallpaper in the operating system, which after the premiere captured about 90% of the share in the global market.

    • For seven years, Microsoft dominated Apple in the smartphone market. Then Apple introduced the first iPhone and the situation changed dramatically.

    In Windows, you cannot create a folder named ‘con’ in the usual way. Many sites claim that this is a personal desire of Bill Gates, but in fact everything is easier. This limitation goes back to the times of the operating system MS-DOS. “Con” along with other similar notations (prn, aux, nul) was reserved for I / O devices, so you cannot create folders with such names.

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