Pokemon Soul Silver. Good Successor for The Nintendo DS

The game takes place in the Jonto region, the main region for all pokemon games. The main goal of the game is still to become the best pokemon trainer and collect all possible pocket monsters The player would fight the gym trainers for the badges, the four best trainers called the Elite Four and the Champion in order to obtain the highest rank of the Pokemon master. Other antagonists, the Team Rocket will be able to fight again, as they came back from the FireRed and GreenLeaf games.


The classical adventure game

The Pokemon Soul Silver Rom can be played on the Nintendo Ds or successfully emulated in other devices. This is a classical adventure game with RPG elements. The mechanics of the game did not suffer many changes compared with previous games. It is observed from the 3-rd person overhead perspective and contains three main screens: the menu, the battle screen and the field map, where the player controls the protagonist. The player starts with one pokemon and can catch others using special poke balls. When player meets the wild pocket monster or the enemy, the screen turns to battle mode. The battle is turn based and you can use each turn to perform the attack, use an item or switch the pokemon.

Like in other games, the player may have one pokemon following him on the map. He can talk to him in order to see if it is well. The pocket monster can collect some items. There is a special minigame mode called the Pokeathlon. The players can connect with each other in the special multiplayer setting, where they can compete and trade items.


The main player characters were redesigned. We can meet Ethan as a male protagonist and Lyra as female protagonist. The music was rearranged according to Nintendo DS possibilities. However, the player can switch between new and old fashioned music themes. Plus, the ambient sound effects are used more frequently; for example, you will hear noises when you walk by the river or on the grass.

The entire set of pocket monster

It did not change dramatically compared with the previous games. The pokemons that are outside the original pokedex can be captured after the defeating of the Elite Four.

The main music consists of original backgrounds tracks from previous games plus some remixed ones.

All in all, the game received positive ratings and many good overviews left by the players. The game became a great successor of the whole series, bringing some new features, but remaining good old Pokemon. It is surely worth attention of players around the world.

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