Everything You Need To Know About The Game Apex Legends

The word gaming can be best described in one word – entertainment. Games, when started, were used as a means of relaxation for the mind after a pressure situation. Games were played after the mind and body underwent a thorough workout and playing games were the ways to become relaxed and rejoiced.

Since hands were made for a simple and single reason of having the mind and body free of pressure, there were no means of making a lot of varies of those. So if we look at the starting years of games , we will find that they were limited to arcade only. And not much was emphasized on making various genres and types.

But with the advancement of time, the need for games suddenly rose. People started playing more and more games and spent a lot of time on them. And saw a surge in the world of gaming. Since so many people started playing games, there was not a chance that people would be satisfied in a single game or a single genre of it. We want variations in everything and games obviously come under the everything category.

This was the reason categories were introduced and one of such fan favourite category was Battle Royale. A lot of games like Apex legends were launched under the battle royale category and Apex Legends can be considered as the present God of battle royale in PC.

Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends if you are planning to play it –


The game Apex Legends is created by Respawn Inc. and was made as a sequel to the TitanFall 2. TitanFall upon its release promised a lot of things but wasn’t able to sustain. It was a big loss for Respawn and they launched Apex. This must be probably the turning point of the company as the game was an instant hit.

The game is completely inspired from its predecessor TitanFall but has some changes. It was released in 2019 and just spread like a wild fire. And what does a wild fire do? Destruction. Similarly Apex Legends completely took the gaming market out of the hands of other games. It was a perfect and accurate counterpart of Fortnite but managed to snatch the throne from the latter.

It has been the top grossing PC game since its release and has maintained its supremacy at the Numero Uno position in the list of the most played and watched PC games.


Alex Legends is just like any other regular battle royale game. But there are some changes. The game is set in the future where technology rules. Players can play alone (solo) or with a partner (duo) or with two of them (trio). And there are thirty such teams. So it is basically a lobby of maximum 60 players.

Players are landed in a remote terrain island where they have to survive and kill in order to win. They have to search for weapons and armours scattered in the buildings and random crates. Players, before entering a game, can choose from among thirteen different characters. And each character has its own appearance and speciality.

Other features which make it unique are the special actions like climbing small walls, gliding through inclined planes and zip lining. Knocked teammates can be revived by other alive ones but there is something different for players. The dead players can be brought back into the game if the alive ones manage to capture the former’s respawn banners and using it in the beacons scattered everywhere on the island. But this should be fine within a time limit.

And just like others, the shrinking safe zone should be taken care of or it may prove fatal!


Apex Legends has a lot of features to offer starting from the guns to characters and game modes.

  1. Guns

Apex Legends features a lot of variety of guns which are completely fictional and non existent in real life. Each gun has its own damage and importance in the game. These are –

  • Pistols – Used for small damage dealing. Include P2020, RE-45, Wingman
  • Assault Rifles – Used for close range combats. Include Flatline, Hemlock, Havoc
  • Shotguns – Used for close range combats. Include Peacekeeper, Mastiff, Mozambique
  • Snipers – Used for long range headshots. Include G7-Scout, Longbow, Kraber
  • LMGs and SMGs – Have multifunctional importance. Include Alternator, R-99, Devotion, Spitfire
  1. Game Modes and Map

The game features a single map set in the future technologically advanced era. Players get a lot of buildings to loot from and can witness fast action every second.

Apex Legends has various time limited game modes to offer. Some of them are –

  • Winter Express Mode – Players drop with full gears and fight it out to capture the Winter Express.
  • Deja Loot – This mode removed all care packages and ring locations from the map. Evo Shield was introduced which could be charged by killing enemies. It was added permanently after the mode.
  • Armed and Dangerous Evolved – Players are forced to use shotguns and snipers only with no gears which means that they have to use the Evo Shield only.
  1. Characters

The game features different characters for players to use and there are thirteen of them. Players have to choose one character and enter the match and each squad can have one character each and none can be used more than once.

All of these characters include Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound, Crypto, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Revenant, Wattson and Wraith.

  1. Others

Other features provided by the game include the regular Royal Pass which can be bought using the in-game currency. There are basically four types of currencies featured in the game – Crafting Metals, Heirloom Shards, Legend Tokens and Apex Coins. Apex Coins can only be bought using real money. And other guns skins and outfits can be purchased using all four currencies.


Apex Legends, as per its name, has legendary graphics. The graphics are realistic and feel good! The realistic graphics make the game unique and better than its counterparts PUBG and Fortnite.


Apex Legends can rightfully be declared as the best PC game that has ever been made. The fast paced action, awesome guns and other features make it a must play one. As far as I know, the company has plans to launch is mobile version soon! Adios!