EVGA Introduces E1 Gaming Rig

With the launch of the EVGA E1, EVGA is once again taking extreme gaming to the next level by setting a statement with our new gaming rig. The E1 will be extremely limited and available to EVGA Members only.

Back in 1999 when EVGA first was founded, graphics cards were basic. EVGA was the first to introduce Heat Pipe Cooling and iCX Technology along with 4-Way SLI bringing more benefits to gamers. In 2012, EVGA introduced its first Power Supply. Through quality and features EVGA has become a top choice for Power Supplies when gamers are building their systems. E1 continues the tradition of top tier hardware for gamers.

evga e1 1

100% 3K Carbon Fiber Frame
With a patent pending independent suspension system comprised of steel cables, the E1 chassis frame is constructed with 100% 3K Plain weave carbon fiber. At 2.76lbs, the E1 sports the lightest frame design compared to other chassis of the same volume.

evga e1 2 evga e1 3 evga e1 4 evga e1 5

K|NGP|N Graphics Card
evga e1 6

Z690 DARK K|NGP|N Motherboard
evga e1 7

1600W Titanium Power Supply With Limited 3K Carbon Fiber Finish
evga e1 8

7th Gen Closed Loop Cooler
evga e1 9

Analog Gauges
evga e1 10

Limited Edition Keychain Included
evga e1 11

To learn more about the E1, and to sign up to be notified for more details, please visit https://www.evga.com/articles/01544/EVGA-E1/

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