EVGA Introduces GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Cards

Yesterday, EVGA introduced their two new graphics cards based on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti: TX 3060 Ti FTW3 and RTX 3060 Ti XC. Both the cards feature support for EVGA Precision X1, a software that allows you to overclock your GP, control the ARGB lighting and much more. The reason behind introducing two cards is two provide a solution for each and every kind of consumer.

RTX 3060 Ti FTW3:

The RTX 3060Ti FTW3 features three cooling fans and a metal backplate. Moreover, it also features the redesigned iCX3 cooling system that provides a unified copper block for GPU and memory. In order to further enhance the cooling, a thicker heatsink is also provided. It also features ARGB lighting along with a 2-slot bracket to ensure compatibility with cases. The card is expected to have a boost clock speed of up to 1800Mhz.

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RTX 3060 Ti XC:

As compared to the RTX 3060 Ti FTW3, it is small in size and is designed for people with compact spaces. The card features two cooling fans and metal backplate to protect those fans. The card is based on a short 2-slot card to ensure maximum case compatibility. The card is expected to have a boost clock speed of up to 1710Mhz.

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The company has not revealed any pricing information yet.