EVGA Intros GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N Hydro Copper

EVGA has just introduced their latest flagship graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|ngp|n Hydro Copper (model: 11G-P4-6799). This card is of course custom tuned my famed overclocker Vince “K|ngp|n” Lucido himself. The card will feature a very high binned “GP102” GPU and some of the best VRM components. The card ships with EVGA’s highest factory overclock at 1582 MHz core and 1695 MHz GPU boost.

hydro copper 1

The card is made to be integrated into your own custom watercooling loop and comes equipped with an all-copper, full-coverage water-block. The card also features EVGA’s iCX technology, which gives you 9 thermal sensors across the card at various points.

hydro copper 2

The card is currently available through EVGA’s own online store with a price of $1249.

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