EVGA Leaving the Motherboard Market? Rumors that All Employees Including KINGPIN Have Resigned From Taiwan HQ

If you don’t remember EVGA left the graphics card market late last year right before the launch of NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series. This was a big deal as the company held a leadership position in that market. It appears as if the company could be leaving the motherboard market as well. Korean overclocker Safedisc, writing on Coolenjoy tech forums, stated that the company’s entire 170-strong workforce in its Taiwan office involved in the motherboard business, have resigned, including KINGPIN.

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If this turns out to be true EVGA could wind down their motherboard business just like they did with the GPU business. This means that they would slow sales and remove products from the channel. Certain products would be retained to serve as warranty stock for customers who RMA a product or have a service request.

Now there has not been any official announcement from EVGA or KINGPIN. TechpowerUp did reach out to EVGA Spain and they said the company is still active there, and that it is “just another day at the office”. So who knows what is going on.

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It would be sad to see EVGA leave the the motherboard business as well. Their motherboards and some of the most unique and interesting boards out there. As this is a developing story we will keep you updated on further updates.

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