EVGA reveals new BA series of efficient power supplies

When it comes to computer power supply units, EVGA is one of the most popular names. While they have a fully loaded lineup of offerings, they have just added one more series to it. ECGA today introduced its new BA series of efficient power supplies. Read on!

EVGA has had decent PSU offerings in the budget segment, and the BA series is an extension of that. Rated at 80 Plus Bronze, the BA range will provide decent efficiency on a budget. The EVGA BA PSUs will use a DC-DC converter and will rely on a single +12V rail.

The design is the classic stuff you have come to expect from EVGA. The cooling is handled by a 120 mm fan. EVGA has used a sleeve bearing in this fan and claims higher durability. Additionally, EVGA has provided the usual surge protections that come with all PSUs 80 Plus and above.

EVGA BA power supply

EVGA will provide 3 years of limited warranty for the -KX models and 5 years for the -VX models, the latter being in select regions. If you have been waiting for a budget build and need a cheap but efficient power supply unit, you might want to consider this series.

EVGA has priced the 500 BA at $59.99 and the 600 BA at $69.99. The new power supply units are available to be purchased on the EVGA website.

Via TechPowerUp

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