Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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FSP Aurum Pro 850W Power Supply Review

The last few products we have taken a look at from FSP have been universal power adapters for notebooks so finally we get a chance to take a look at a product in their main product line, power supplies.  FSP sure does know a lot about power supplies.  They were established in 1993 and currently are the 5th largest power supply vendor in the world.  Today we are checking out their <strong>Aurum Pro 850W Power Supply</strong>.  This power supply features an 80PLUS Gold certification, a true single rail and dual transformer design, 135mm PWM cooling fan and a very cool rugged Granite-Touch finish.  Is this the power supply for your next build?  Read on to find out!

Power SuppliesReviews

Spire BlackDragon 400W Power Supply Review

Spire, a company known for their cooling products, is branching off into alternative products. Today we’ll be looking at one of three new power supplies in their newly released BlackDragon series. This line of PSU’s is geared towards enthusiasts and PC gamers. A black coloring and blue LED fan are some of its visual features. Read on further to see if this is power supply is worth the price.

Power SuppliesReviews

Kingwin Stryker 500W Fanless Power Supply Review

Almost everyone wants the quietest yet most powerful computer possible. Most components generate noise because of the fans cooling them, or because of moving parts. Obviously, solid state drives have eliminated the necessity for moving parts for storage and liquid cooling can replace fans for most components. However, there's still one pesky component which still generates noise: the high wattage power supply unit. Fanless PSUs have been around for a while, but they're generally lower wattage and meant for business machines or ultra-efficient HTPCs.

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