Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker Review

Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker Overview
The Fabriq Riff is a small 80mm x 80mm x 80 mm device. Being this small it can easily sit on a shelf, end table, and of course on your desk. Covering most of the speaker is the fabric design. To be honest the speaker looks awesome, one of the more attractive speakers I’ve seen in a while. We received the “Earl Grey” version of the speaker, but you can also get it in “Jack Plaid” and “Splat”. On top of that there are exclusive patterns offered at Target.

Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker

As I mentioned this is a WiFi speaker so it supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz networks. Having WiFi capabilities means that as long as it is connected to your WiFi network you can stream music to it, not 30ft limitation of Bluetooth. On top of that you can sync up to 10 Riff speakers together for a great multi-room experience. Now say you are out at the beach where there is not a WiFi network available, the Riff also has Bluetooth capabilities so you are never without great sound.

Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker

On one side of the Riff you are going to find your controls which include the “wake” button for Amazon Alexa, volume up, play/pause, and volume down. Unlike many smart speakers and Amazon’s own speakers this speaker is not always listening. You have to press the “wake” button to activate Alexa, people who are crazy about security and Amazon “always listening” will definitely appreciate the “wake” button. The section where the controls are actually lifts up to reveal the connect button, light button, and microUSB charging port.

Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker

Finally on the bottom of the speaker you’ll find your power button. The bottom is actually rubber, which will help the speaker stay in place on your desk.

Fabriq Riff Smart Speaker

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