Fan Makes NVIDIA GeForce 256 Out of LEGO’s!

When you think of iconic graphics cards the NVIDIA GeForce 256 definitely has to be up there! NVIDIA actually marketed it as “the world’s first GPU” and was for many of us our first real graphics card. Well LEGO enthusiast and Twitter user @Bhaal_Spawn has recreated this iconic graphics card using LEGOs! We have to say it looks quite good compared to the original!

geforce 256 lego 3 geforce 256 lego 4

Of course we know @Bhaal_Spawn for creating the 3Dfx Voodoo LEGO graphics card as well! That one made it all the way to the LEGO Ideas website and currently has over 2300 supporters to get made into a real LEGO product!

Do you think she should submite the NVIDIA GeForce 256 to the LEGO Ideas website? We sure think so because we would definitely buy one!

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