A 3dfx Graphics Card is up on the Lego Ideas Website

If you’ve been around PCs long enough I’m sure you remember 3dfx, they were one of the top graphics card manufacturers in the mid-90s. They helped really bring 3D graphics to the masses with the introduction of their iconic Voodoo graphics card. #dfx was really a polorizing company, especially if you ever saw some of their ads in computer magazines of the time. If you want to know more about 3dfx be sure to check out our article about the history of the company.

Lego creator Bhaal_Spawn has created a Lego version of 3dfx’s original Voodoo graphics card. The graphics card currently is on the Lego Ideas website, which considers fan-made products for real Lego-made products if they get 10,000 supporters. So if we can get him enough supporters we can make a 3dfx Lego graphics card a reality! You can pledge your support here.

lego 3dfx 2

I don’t know about you but I would definitely buy one if not a few of these to stick in the office!

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