NVIDIA Super Mobile & Intel Comet Lake-H Coming April 2nd

NVIDIA and Intel are preparing to refresh their laptop hardware offerings and it looks like we might get both on the same day. According to the latest rumors this day seems to be April 2nd. Starting with NVIDIA they will finally be bringing their Turning “Super” offerings to mobile. We’ve only had the choice of regular “Turning” cards for mobile, but it looks like NVIDIA will now be offering “Super” mobile variants now.

nvidia laptop

On the same day Intel also plans to launch their 10th generation Comet Lake-H CPUs for mobile devices. These new models will bring with them improved frequency and core count, with the top-end models having up to 8 cores and 16 threads.

With these two launches coming at the same time (it was likely planned that way), laptop manufacturers will integrate new products and showcase their solutions on that date. These products will be available soon after on April 15th.

Also laptop manufacturer Mechrevo will hold an online press conference where they will showcase their “Z3” gaming laptop based on these new parts. You can see the flyer for that event below.

Mechrev NVIDIA Turing SUPER teaser

Via VideoCardz

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