FBS Runs a Birthday Party Event

Celebrating its 13th anniversary, FBS invites clients to join the Birthday Party event with VIP trading analytics and private consultations as gratitude. 

Have a Party with FBS

FBS turns 13 this February. On such an occasion, the worldwide known broker launches an event – FBS Birthday Party. The event will help clients achieve new heights thanks to VIP analytics and private consultations with the company’s financial experts.

Between February 15 and March 15, users of the FBS Trader app and the FBS Personal Area app (or its web version) can join the event.

How to join

To join the celebration, one needs to be an FBS client with a verified profile in any of the two FBS products: the FBS Personal Area app or its web version or the FBS Trader app.

When clients join the event, they, as active traders, will get VIP analytics and private consultations with financial experts. The information will help clients learn more about the market and increase their trading efficiency.

FBS Birthday Party ends on March 15. Until then, there is time to download or upgrade the FBS Trader app or the FBS Personal Area app (or use its web version), verify a profile and become a better trader with the FBS financial experts.


FBS is a licensed worldwide broker with more than twelve years of experience and over 60 international awards. With 150 countries of presence, the company has been showing stable growth for the past several years. The number of traders joining FBS is ever-growing, and now it exceeds 21 000 000. In 2021, the company crossed the mark of 500 000 partners. Also, FBS is the Official Principal Partner of Leicester City Football Club and Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona.