Top 3 Instagram spy app

Instagram is the most popular app in the world. Users have gone past a billion, which is a very impressive number of people. Among these people are those who can harm our family members – especially children.

To avoid danger, an Instagram spy app has appeared. They allow you to track everything on your children’s screens and protect them in time.

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What is an Instagram Spy App?

Instagram Spy App is a type of spy software that allows tracking social activity on a selected device. Whether it’s likes, comments, or messages, you can see everything the user does.

Monitoring applications require physical access to the target device to configure. The user and even the manufacturers cannot spy on the mobile phone without installing or touching the target device. When installing such an application on an Android, you need access to Google ID and an iPhone to iCloud ID.

If you want to track a phone, you have to comply with the following conditions:

to download the application on your and the selected phone

provide permanent access to Wi-Fi.

These programs work in the background and remotely. Different applications have various features. The best applications are described below.

  1. uMobix – the best Instagram spy app

Thanks to special software, the uMobix tracking app provides full access to the target device account. You can view shared links and texts, who subscribes to the person, and who the user subscribes to.

If you use Android, every 5 minutes the application sends a screenshot of what the child was doing: likes, comments, messages.  For the iOS system, you will need to use the iCloud ID of the target device to see all the information.

The application is available on Android and IOS OS.

If you do not have the ability to install the app on your phone, you can use uMobix Instagram spy app on your browser page. It works perfectly on any device. If you have any questions, customer service will always be happy to help you solve any problem.

Additional features of uMobix Instagram tracking app:

  • The program can control the location of the child. Whether he’s staying with his friends, if he’s still in the section, you’ll still be there before your son or daughter calls. A special section allows you to define zones. If your child has exceeded them, a Push Notice will be sent to your smartphone.
  • This app can even monitor the state of the battery. If a child claims that his smartphone has to be changed and he’s fast defrosting, you can always check his words remotely. Once the battery charge is low, the parent will be notified.
  • uMobix spy app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. It is very convenient because it can look not only at the children but also at the rest of the family – for example, the elderly relatives. As long as a man has a smartphone with an app installed on it.

Users note that the tool works precisely – there are no serious deviations in the location, all activity is visible and sent as screenshots.

And then there’s the downside – after a free trial period of seven days, only tracking and chatting remain available. All other options are available by paid subscription.

  1. Hoverwatch – Instagram tracking app

It is an Instagram tracker that allows tracking messages and recording call history. In addition, the application provides access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and you have access to all of your child’s social activities.

Check-in simply – enter your email and any password. Next, you have to prepare devices  – download the tracker to your phone and the phone of your child. Now you have access to calls and SMS.

It’s a fairly young app with high ratings from users. It allows parents to monitor the child’s situation and to know when he or she is leaving school, kindergarten, or department. In addition, functions include monitoring of the child’s battery, the ability to make a loud call if he does not hear a call, and monitoring of time spent in games or social networks.

Among the useful functions of this Instagram spy app:

  • Environmental listening.
  • Possibility to record a conversation.
  • Use it without routing.

By downloading the application, you have the opportunity to receive a secret personal number (PIN) at the end of the spyware installation process. If you need to delete an application or change your settings, you can use this secret number.

  1. Cocospy Monitoring app

Advantages of this Instagram spy app:

  • This is a unique feature that no similar program can boast of. The app allows a parent to listen in and record the sound around a child’s phone – without the child’s knowledge. The function is especially important for users whose age is troublesome in adolescence.
  • setting displacement zones. This function is not unique, but its value does not decrease. The parent specifies an area within which the child can move freely. As soon as the child leaves the area, the parent is notified.
  • keeping a history of movements. The program stores information about where the child has been in the last 2 days and provides it to the parent upon request. After analyzing this information, the parent can conclude where the child prefers to «hang out» and who spends more time with.

In addition to mandatory location monitoring for programs in this category, you can very tightly manage your child’s use of a mobile phone. Get alerts when your kids use their cell phones in the middle of the night, when they add new contacts, or when they download and install a new app.

You can use social apps, app lists, new and removed contacts, and browser history. The application is easy to use – it can be quickly downloaded and for this, you do not need jailbreak or root. If you need help, customer support is 24/7.

Closing thoughts

To use the Instagram spy app, you must obtain the consent of your children. It is important to understand that such apps guarantee the safety of your family members and the avoidance of unnecessary disturbances.